solar panels Armidale

The continuous climatic changes owing to global warming and pollution have reached an alarming level. It is time to go green in as many ways as possible to ensure that the next generation gets the opportunity to live in a world with sufficient natural resources. 

But when it comes to the installation of the solar panels in Armidale, many homeowners seem to be hesitant to adopt as they have heard a lot of rumours. Do you know that such misconceptions can make you miss a golden opportunity to reduce electricity consumption and lower utility bills? Continue reading to know the truths. 

Myth #1: Solar is functional only when the sun shines:

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to use solar energy in any condition, whether it is raining, snowing, or shining outside. In fact, the solar panels in Armidale will work the best in sunny and cold climates as heat will interfere with the conversion of light energy into electric energy.

  • Solar panels absorb light and not heat. 
  • You can connect the battery storage to the solar panels to provide energy at night.

Hence, it will be a clean energy backup, contrary to the traditional backup generators. Your power will be on even when there is a power cut in the neighbourhood. 

Myth #2: Solar panels are not adequately efficient:

Many of you will raise your brows when you see that the efficiency rate of the solar panels in Armidale can be 22% to 38%, whereas you all expected a pure 100%. 

  • You cannot forget that some sunlight will reflect off the panel or convert into heat energy instead of generating electricity. 
  • Solar panels won’t be able to absorb all spectrums. For instance, panels cannot absorb infrared light. 

The sunlight that the Earth receives in one and a half hours is more than what the world consumes in a year. Solar panels can convert a lot of this energy cost-effectively. Improvements in technology promise a brighter future. 

Myth #3: Solar is very expensive:

The consideration of the price depends on how you want to perceive the expenditure. It is true that initially, you have to pay a huge amount. But all the premium manufacturers of solar panels in Armidale are now accepting the payment in installations for the convenience of the customers. 

Now, calculate the amount you will save every year with the low energy bills. 

  • Easy solar financing options will be helpful
  • Maintenance charges will be minimal.
  • No need to think of replacement as the high-quality panels have long durability. 

So, the expense will be worth it, and it will deliver maximum ROI.

Believe in facts:

After reading about the facts, you will realize that believing in the misconceptions is a loss, financially and logically. The solar panels in Armidale will be a great way to reduce the consumption of conventional energy resources and also lower the recurring expenses of energy bills. 

Share the information and spread the word to make the Earth a better place to live. Conservation of natural resources is critical for the wellbeing of humanity.