vacuum cleaner tools

It’s likely that your new vacuum cleaner, whether corded or cordless, will come with at least one attachment. And if you are clear about its purpose, it won’t ever go unused.

For almost every cleaning task, there are different vacuum cleaner tools. Some are made to assist you to clean particular floor types or difficult-to-reach spots more effectively, while others allow you to take your cleaning to the next level and freshen up your couch cushions and draperies.

Here, are five vacuum cleaner tools that are most useful and explain when you should use each of them:

Motorised tool

It is also referred to as a “turbo tool,” which is a whiz when it comes to removing tough dirt from carpets and rugs.

It is simpler to remove dust from curtains and pet hair from sofa cushions when there is more concentrated suction power on a smaller area. This is the vacuum cleaner tool you should pull out for your regular auto-cleaning regimen if you own a car. The motorised tool is sufficiently compact to fit inside the footwells, under the seats, and even on the back parcel shelf.

Crevice tool

The crevice tool, as its name implies, is made for small spaces that are difficult to reach with a full-sized vacuum cleaner head. We’re referring to areas that are difficult to get with the vacuum itself, such as skirting boards, ceiling corners, the side of the sofa, and around the fireplace.

This dependable equipment, which can be recognised by its small nozzle, is the ultimate foe of cobwebs. Without having to rearrange the area, you can even use this vacuum cleaner tool to clean up appliances like your TV and refrigerator. 

Soft dusting brush

When it’s time to dust off picture frames, lampshades, blinds, glass TV stands, and other items that call for a delicate touch, this is the vacuum cleaner tool you’ll want to attach. This tool, which is made to clean more gently, is ideal for giving the house a final polish after vacuuming.

Bare Floor Brush

Another vacuum cleaner tool you may use to clean the floor is the bare floor brush. Every type of floor may be cleaned, and it even removes minute dust particles to maintain the surface immaculate.

Carpet Tool

This vacuum cleaner tool can be used to clean carpets of various sizes, fine rugs, or carpets with a very short nap. Even ordinary soft carpets, shaggy area rugs, loopy rugs, and even costly rugs can be cleaned with this attachment.


These are the top five vacuum cleaner tools. You are prepared to reach a higher standard of cleanliness at home now that you are aware of when and where they should be utilised.

So, whenever you’re looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner, check to see if it contains all the aforementioned attachments/accessories that would guarantee effective cleaning. 

Utilising your vacuum and its attachments will help you complete your cleaning activities more quickly and without the inconvenience of manual labour.