fire-rated plasterboard

Fire safety is one of the most critical aspects of any construction project. To achieve the maximum level of fire resistance, you have to stick to the particular standards of some devices and products. The fire-rated plasterboard offers a maximum level of fire security. 

But before purchasing, you would certainly like to know, will it be worth investing in this type of plasterboard? As these plasterboards have special designs to offer maximum fire resistance, it has already become the improved version of the older models. 

This article will be a helpful guide for adding safety features to the house. 

Reason #1:Fire rated plasterboard offers high resistance.

If you are buying plasterboard from the top manufacturers, you will receive premier fire protection. And their protection level is much higher than the standard flooring options. 

  • The reputed manufacturers usually make fire-rated plasterboard that can resist the fore for at least one hour. 
  • If you need more resistance to fire, you can go for boards that contain multiple application techniques. 

In a way, these boards have the best possible resistance potential against fire hazards.

Reason #2: Ease of cutting and installation

When the companies get minimum time to cut the pieces according to the nature of the requirement, the fire-rated plasterboard will be the preliminary choice of the homeowners. 

  • These are easy to handle
  • Workers can cut down the panels according to the need of the hour.

The ease of installation, along with the easy process of cutting the boards, makes these plasterboards the top favorite of homeowners. 

Reason #3: response to high temperature

Weather elements can be harsh. Weather changes can be equally confusing. When the sun turns hot during summer, or there is a fire hazard that is responsible for the soaring mercury, it’s the fire-rated plasterboard that came to the rescue. 

The top products feature the use of vermiculite as well as glass fibers. Now, these can help the boards to retain the structural integrity and the core cohesion power as well. 

You can easily rely on the boards as they are durable, robust, and trustworthy. 

Reason #4: Meet the qualification needs

Do you know that the design of the plasterboards will be authentic as long as these meet the relevant structures and certifications? So when you are planning to buy the fire-rated plasterboard, you need to verify whether the model is meeting the necessary product standards. 

Reason #5: Affordable

Those homeowners who still think that plasterboards are very expensive should research the internet right now. It is quite affordable. If you compare the prices of these boards, there can be some difference in the price range owing to the difference in materials. 

But when the higher price implies a long-term safety feature, it’s always a good decision to stick to fire-resistant plasterboards. 

Buy your plasterboard

If you think that the above reasons can justify the present drive to buy the plasterboards, proceed with the selection process.