used as retaining wall waterproofing membrane

As the name suggests, repair mortar is a mortar mix with cement as the base. It is used to repair structures, buildings, walkways, and several other things traditionally. It helps in joining any fracture or break that appears on the surface.

Being used to repair, the structural mortar should have some properties. According to one of the leading companies catering to repair and renovation, the right quality of structural repair mortar would help in ensuring that the structure’s life is extended for say around another 10 years or so.

It is, hence, necessary to understand the importance of how the properties of mortar help in defining its utility. Top companies never compromise with these properties and hence, quality. The following are some of them–

  • Minimum Shrinkage Post Drying

One of the most important qualities or properties that stand important is the minimum shrinkage post drying. The mortar must shrink the least after applying and drying as too much shrinkage would lead to cracks and weakening of the repair spots. In addition to this, it also prevents micro-cracking of the surface, that over time makes the building or joint weak.

  • Excellent Workability

Another factor that plays a crucial role in whether it offers provision for smooth working on it or not. The mortar should be convenient to mix and apply and should not demand too much effort to apply on the structure or the part that is to be restored.

  • Fibre Reinforcement

When it comes to usage of the mortar, it is also used as retaining wall waterproofing membrane and for this, the property of fibre reinforcement comes into act. According to the experts, this fibre reinforcement determines the mechanical properties like strength, compression ratio, fatigue, and impact of the mortar.

High quality of structural repair mortar

  • Hydrophobic in Nature

The mortar needs to be hydrophobic since it should not develop damp later. The use of the water should only be to ensure that the mixture is hardened after its application. In addition to this, it reduces the rate of deterioration of the structure with time.

  • Excellent Adhesion

The application of the structural repair mortar will be fruitful only when it is able to hold onto the surface. Thus, it should have excellent adhesion property. According to the experts, the right kind of mortar makes sure that adhesion to the surface on which it is applied is strong and long-lasting. This will ensure how well the repair has been made. 

  • Good Resistance to Damp and other Penetration

Mortar should have good resistance to water absorption and should not allow seepage. The reason being, the seepage or water absorption would lead to water retention on the wall and hence, continuous deterioration or degradation of the structural walls or the places where repair is being conducted.


The property of the structural repair mortar defines how well and properly it can be used at different places. When this is used as a retaining wall waterproofing membrane, one must take into consideration several properties in order to make the investment fruitful.