Air Conditioner becomes one of the most necessary things in regular life.

Air Conditioner becomes one of the most necessary things in regular life. There are some critical steps to follow for installing the split ac and the window ac to extract the optimum performance from them. Few necessary steps are discussed below for the clarification of the ac installation process.

Steps of split ac installation

  1. Before starting the split ac installation, it is necessary to choose the proper installation area. It is strongly recommended that split ac installation should take place in a strong wall because of vibrations associated with split ac.
  2. Fixing the mounting plate is the next step after the selection of the installation area. The mounting plate is used to mount the indoor unit of the ac. Placing the mounting plate in a proper horizontal position before the final installation and marking the areas of drilling is necessary to avoid improper drilling for the installation. After the appropriate marking start drilling hole for the wire and pipe which is needed to connect them with the outdoor unit. 
  3. Now it is necessary to remove the front cover of the ac and place it up in the mounting plate. After that, the wire, the drainage pipe, and the copper pipes need to be sent through the hole. It is recommended to check the bends of the copper pipes. Make sure the curves are smooth to achieve the best cooling performance.
  4. The selection of proper installation places of the outdoor unit is necessary to gain optimum performance. It is required to maintain a distance of 30 to 35 centimeters around the outdoor unit as well as avoid the places for the air conditioner installation, which are dusty or faces directly toward the sunlight.
  5. After the selection of the outdoor unit installation area, it is required to fix the brackets to hold the outdoor unit. First one needs to place the brackets in horizontal alignment properly then he or she needs to drill holes according to the bracket. After that, it is required to fix those brackets using shipped fasteners.
  6. Now place the outdoor unit into the brackets by lifting the unit. Make sure to place the unit in such a manner that screw holes of the brackets are coinciding with the ac, after the successful placing bolts up the outdoor unit of the split ac firmly.
  7. After the fixing of the outdoor unit, now one needs to make the connection of wires. To do so, he or she needs to bare the cover from the electrical ports and make connections according to the diagram provided by the manufacturer.
  8. The final step of split ac installation is the connection of copper pipes. Before the connection of copper pipes, it is necessary to clean the copper pipes using a vacuum pump. After the cleaning process connects the copper pipes to its respective ports using flare nuts and finally it’s ready to go.

Steps of windowed ac installation

  1. At the very first stage of installing the window ac, one needs to measure the width of the window as well as the width of the ac with side panels to ensure the best fit. It is also advised to mark with pencils to minimize the fittings errors.
  2. After the selection of a proper installation window, it’s time to attach the side panels. To do so, open the selected window and attach the side panels using the provided screw by the manufacturer. Make sure to connect all the screws to avoid any gaps; otherwise, it can lead to a lack of desired output.
  3. Now it’s time to insert the ac into the window. It is advised that one person lift and hold the ac and another person adjusts the window for the best placing of the ac. Then very tightly close the window in the top the ac but make sure it will not damage any parts.
  4. Now secure the window with the L brackets provided by the manufacturer. Screw up the L brackets, and it prevents the window from pushing up.
  5. Finally, attach other side panels with the screws and pads provided by the manufacturer and secure the whole unit. Now it’s ready to deliver you, your desirable output.

Ac’s installation charges vary manufacturer to manufacturer. One is strictly advised to complete the installation process with the professionals to avoid any damages to the products. Voltas is one of the well-known brands that manufacture and provide services related to the air conditioner. One can contact Voltas ac installation professionals to know more about their ac installation cost.