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Article Submission Guidelines

The rules for publishing your articles at  are simple, however, they should be followed. 

  • Submit your original work: While submitting articles on the website, ensure to submit only your own work. Do not submit articles that are written by another writer. The content should be unique. We do not allow to publish rebranded articles. You should be the single copyright holder for every article you are submitting to this website. We accept articles written by the ghostwriter but it should be used only by you. 
  • By submitting to, you give us permission to publish the articles: Our team members may publish your article/blog on our website at any time. We may also change the article if not needed or when changing the category at any time. 
  • No objectionable material or pornographic links: When submitting articles to, ensure that the article does not have any pornographic content or link. Moreover, the author’s bio should not have links to objectionable websites or pornographic links. If the article is rejected on this basis, we will not take it for further discussion. 
  • No links in the title: We permit only one do-follow link in the body of the article. We request you not include links or domain names in the article’s title part. You are free to include link at the bottom part- the author’s bio of the article. 
  • We expect you to submit an article with a minimum of 400 words. We do not approve the article if it is less than 400 words. 
  • The title of your article should be distinctive and clear. 
  • We allow you to add 2 keywords per blog. We request you not to stuff keywords all over the blog. 
  • Submission to does not promise you for financial compensation: We do not pay any compensation for the articles you are publishing on our website. 
  • We do not accept bulk articles: We do not approve articles that are submitted in bulk form. If we find that the articles have been submitted on several websites, we will not publish them on our website. 
  • Promotional content, advertisement, self-promotion, etc. kind of articles will not be allowed to publish on our website.
  • If the article is badly formatted or contains spelling errors, punctuation errors, sentence structure, and grammar mistakes, we will not publish the article.
  • We request you to submit articles that are written in proper English.
  • It should be well formatted and proofread for the above mistakes twice.
  • If the article has too many bold words, we will not publish the article.
  • We do not approve articles that contain negative remarks against race, sex, religion, group or individual, insulting or degrading tone, racial intolerance or hate speech. 
  • We do not approve articles that support negative activities and terrorism.
  • The title of the article should not contain the brand name, company name or HTML tag.
  • The title should not have any drug’s name.
  • The title should be connected to the article. 
  • We will not publish an article that has an irrelevant title. 
  • We recommend to include keywords in the first three or four words of the title. It aids in bringing traffic to your website. 
  • The article’s body should not be drafted in capital letters. 
  • Ensure not to include author name and title in the body part.
  • We request not to include any copyright claims in the article. If you have included, we will delete it from your article. 
  • Do not add your contact information or website details in the body of the article. 
  • Author Signature is different from Article Summary. Do not confuse both. 
  • Articles about writing should be published under the writing category. Articles should not be submitted under an inappropriate category. Explore the subcategories well before starting to write your blog. 
  • It is optional to include Author Signature. Ensure it is within 200 words. 
  • We suggest using a real author name instead of fake names. It should not contain adjectives or nouns like Pretty Designer, Smart Writer, etc. 
  • We permit one author to maintain only one account. We would ban if the same author publishes the same article using multiple accounts. 


If you are finding these guidelines acceptable, you can start to write and publish your article on