Choosing the best wall and floor tiles for your bathroom is never easy, especially when there are so many options. Nowadays, you will find every type of materials being used in the production of interior tiles. And almost every such material offers excellent benefits and features in their applications. Therefore, it becomes a big hassle while choosing the best tiles for your bathroom renovation. But don’t worry, we have the perfect tiling solution for you.


Mosaic tiles are one of the trendiest options in the Australian market. Thousands of homeowners and building managers have already procured used these tiles in their bathrooms. What’s the appeal of these tiles and why do people prefer them over other tiling options. Well, let’s find out.


The Appeal & Benefits Of Mosaic Bathroom Tiles


As mentioned earlier, procuring the best bathroom tiles is very important. The bathroom settings and the bathroom environment are different from the rest of the spaces in your house. And you get the following benefits with mosaic tiles. 


Almost Unlimited Options: Not every customer wants the same pattern, design and colour of the tile. Everyone has their taste when it comes to the bathroom wall and floor tiles. And with mosaic tiles, you can choose from seemingly unlimited patterns, designs and colours. Top companies can always carve out the best designs and colours for your liking. And thus, you should buy mosaic tiles for your next bathroom renovation. 


Costs Less In Maintenance: Over a while, most floors and walls start deteriorating. And thus, you have to keep this factor in mind while selecting the best tiles for your bathroom. Mosaic tiles are pretty easy to clean as you only need to scrub it once a day to keep it clean. Furthermore, mosaic tiles tend to endure high foot traffic. Thus, these tiles won’t break easily. So, you end up saving a lot on repair cost. 


Resistant To Heat & Moisture: As mentioned earlier, your bathroom has different requirements from the rest of the places in your house. There are water-heaters, cold showers, sink, etc., in every bathroom. And thus, you should install the tiles which offer heat and moisture resistance in your bathroom. Fortunately, mosaic tiles are known for high resistance to moisture and water. 


Here, we have finished explaining why mosaic tiles are the ideal options for your bathroom. There are hardly any other tiles which offer such extensive benefits and applications to the customers. And therefore, it makes sense to invest in these tiles.


Are There Any Disadvantages To These Tiles?


Like every other product and commodity, mosaic tiles have a few cons as well. And you should know these disadvantages before you make the purchase. 


  • Pretty Costly: The beauty and stylish patterns of mosaic tiles are unparalleled. However, it also means that you have to pay a little bit more for procuring these tiles. And thus, you will have to pay as per your bathroom’s space, which is usually a costly affair. 
  • Tricky Installations: Another thing which is a drawback to these tiles is its installation process. Installing glass mosaic tiles is much more complicated than installing other types of tiles. 
  • Low Scratch Resistance: You should be careful around these mosaic tiles. Otherwise, you may end up scratching them easily. So, make sure to avoid sharp objects or utilities near them. 


Now, we believe that you have all the knowledge to make the right decision. If you have any question, please let us know!