Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is one of the recognized boards of schools in India that controls the primary and secondary level school education. It has an important role to play in the education system of India and hence, finds an irreplaceable place amongst the educationalists, students, and parents. It has one of the most recognized and standard training frameworks for a country like India.

CBSE and its Examinations

CBSE is the conducting body of class 10th and 12th Boards. These examinations are conducted across different stages and held in different cities and towns across India. The dates are usually announced two to three months prior to the examination month.

As the examination approaches, the nervousness strikes the students of even the best CBSE school in Dombivli East. CBSE result being one of the crucial stages of a student’s academic assessment, the fate of the child lies more or less on this. Every individual wants to perform the best. In addition to this, the pressure of being assessed at the social circuit is also the fear that students face.

Aid for Unloading the Test Result

Well, as the result of the 10th and 12th board examination is going to echo for the rest of the professional life, the stress on students stands at pinnacle. The best CBSE schools in Dombivli are stressing on the importance of having a cordial teaching-learning environment.

The following are some of the steps taken by CBSE to strike off the stress from the mind of the students regarding the result.

  • Giving Quality Tag to the Schools

Gone are the days when the partnered schools used to interact with the boards to upgrade and join hands for the promotion. However, according to the recent developments, Expert Advisory Committee (EAC) would pick up the organization that would be held responsible for the evaluation and certification of the schools based on criteria and expense set by CBSE.

  • Change in Accreditation Pattern

According to the recently changed norms, the accreditation given to the educational organizations as CBSE School in Dombivli East would be based on the arrangement of ideas and practices that the school is going to impart to the students as a part of the training. The basics of the schools will be re-examined and audited. This will include an assessment of all the parts of the school.


The design of the curriculum and study materials has been done keeping in mind the aspects. Therefore, the board papers, model test papers, practice papers, and several other alternatives have helped a student to score better.