timber flooring abbotsbury

Renovating your house with timber flooring Abbotsbury provides your interior with a modern and sophisticated look. If you are facing difficulties in choosing your wooden floor, here are some tips that may help you with fruitful solutions. 

Types of timber flooring

There are two types of timber flooring

  1. Solid timber flooring
  2. Engineered timber flooring
1. Solid timber flooring

The solid timber flooring consists the pieces of 100 percent solid timber wood throughout its entire thickness. It comprises raw timber wood slabs from slow-growing trees. 

Solid timber floors are durable and stylish and give you a completely natural vibe. You can find two categories of solid timber flooring.

  • Raw flooring

Professionals bring raw wooden pieces that are uncoated and unfinished to your house. After that, they install the pieces on your floor and add sand and coating to them. This process can take more time than prefinished flooring but offers you to choose your preferable shades and finishing. 

  • Prefinished flooring 

The professionals keep the wooden pieces ready applying stain and sealant in the factory. It is comparatively quicker, easier, and less costly than raw timber flooring in Abbotsbury. The prefinished floor does not make you wait for its acclimatisation to the climatic condition of your room. 

You can add a coating to both the raw and prefinished floors when it gets faded. 

Advantages of solid timber flooring
  1. By installing solid timber flooring in Abbotsbury you can feel sturdy underfoot besides getting an original wooden floor.
  2. As the floor contains solid wood, it lasts long and saves your maintenance expenditure. 
  3. You can keep the floor clean by sweeping and mopping regularly.
2. Engineered timber flooring

Engineered timber floor is an effective alternative to solid timber floor. The professional cut a piece of timber and laminates it to other types of timber. This type of floor has multiple layers with different timber slabs. 

There are stabilising layers, the core layer, the veneer layer, and the coating simultaneously in engineered timber. You can select the wood species such as spotted gum, ironbark, jarrah, etc as the base of your engineered timber floor. 

There are grades that define the number of natural features in different timber flooring Abbotsbury slabs. 

Advantages of engineered timber flooring
  • As this type contains less solid timber, it is less expensive and more affordable.
  • Solid timber floors can expand due to weather changes. Engineered wood does not have this issue as it has multi-layers construction.
  • One of the most positive advantages of engineered timber flooring is its high stability. 
  • These floors are also easy to maintain similar to solid timber floors. The protective coatings and water-resistant features make cleaning easier. 

The options for solid and engineered timber floors are endless. Any type you choose for your timber flooring in Abbotsbury, make sure to clean and maintain the floor regularly. You should be more careful about the maintenance when the weather is changing its temperature. 

The best option is to reach out to an experienced timber flooring service provider for more information and assistance.