Are you looking to change the look of your home with stylish and durable furniture? Wood is a widely used material to make a huge number of furniture products. Many custom home builders in northern beaches offer a wide range of wooden tables and stools in the market that is very unique and long-lasting. Tables, stools and other furniture products are being designed in focus with the quality and durability. Decorating the homes with different furniture products of different shapes, designs and colours etc. are coming to us from generations. Furniture products have been the status for people for ages. Timber hardwoods are much costlier than softwoods, oak, maple, walnut, cherry etc are the popular choices of good quality furniture.

Benefits of timber hardwood furniture:

Custom home builders in northern beaches mostly use the timber hardwoods for making the furniture products. The reason is that the timber hardwoods are more durable with style and elegance. Some advantages of timber hardwood are: Timber hardwoods is a long-lasting natural material. It can last for generations with less care.

  1. We need very little effort to maintain the wood furniture whether it is made for kitchen or bedroom purposes.
  2. Wood furniture can change the look and beauty of your home. It offers charm and elegance to a home.
  3. It is more valuable than any other furniture material. Wood furniture costs much more than any other material but it gives benefits for years.
  4. Wood furniture brings a lot of beauty and richness to your home.

Eco-Friendly furniture range:

Eco-friendly furniture gives a very least negative impact on the environment. It consists of furniture by recycled woods, reused wooden products, furniture with least emission of carbon. 

Many custom home builders in northern beaches offer a broad range of environment-friendly furniture products. Buying eco-friendly furniture products helps in solving many ecological problems and nowadays it has become the most popular choice for buying furniture products because it offers less pollution and no harm to the environment.

Types of wooden furniture:

There are numerous types of wooden furniture available in the furniture market. It is very difficult for people to make choice for the furniture

  • Black walnut – It is the most precious material for furniture choices for people. The texture is straight, sometimes wavy lines which form unique patterns.
  • White oak – It is the distinctive mountain-shaped wooden material. The colour and appearance are similar to European oak.
  • Chinese ashThis type of wood is not easy to destroy and it is crack resistant. The material is tough and it is very beautiful.
  • Beech It is produced in German Alps and Japan. It is not very luxurious material and used in traditional furniture.
  • AshwoodThis type of wood gas rough and uniform texture. This wood varies from light brown and dark brown colour.
  • ElmwoodIt is the most expensive material for furniture products. This type of wood has a clear texture.
  • Cherry woodIt is also known as American black cherry. It is regarded as one of the solid wood materials and is used in making furniture.