Fiberstone Planters

Formal gardening design along with the reconstituted stone garden furniture has become a trend. It gives an elegant and luxurious look to your decor outdoors and indoors. We provide reconstituted stone and metal garden furniture at Yardware. They provide costume-made fiberstone planters as per your taste and interior decor. Their durability and strength are what makes fiberstone planters stand out. 

Fiberstone planters like:

  • Lyon planters
  • Mayfair planters
  • Nouveau planters with metal band
  • Mayfair URS and pedestal in Tuscan
  • Wide shaped planters
  • Cachepot planters…, etc.

They also provide fountain resin-like?

  • Venetian fountain.
  • Rail to fountain resin tap in Tuscan age.

The Fiberstone planters are the flower box or flowerpots made of refined Fiber stone. It adds additional beauty to your outer space. Fiberstone is composed of crushed stones and fibreglass. It also comprises the constitution like metals fibre, stone powder, sand, and heavy elements are added to strengthen the fiberstone. These elements make the fiberstone planters more durable, heat resistant, and lightweight compared to stone planters. It gives a natural look. They are weather resistant with high tensile strength. It gives a Matt look or Opaque look.

About fiberstone planters:

Planters that are composed of fiberstone are strong and durable. Even though their size varies in the forms like small, large, and extra-large planters but all are weatherproof. Usually, the precise load of fiberstone planters will differ depending on how many constitutions of stone are present and the type of manufacturing done.

Advantages of fiberstone planters:

  • Fiberstone is rigid, durable, and weatherproof.
  • It has high tensile strength.
  • It gives an antique look to your decor.
  • Fiberstone planters are available in various sizes and shapes depending upon your requirement.

The role of stone dining set in your home decor:

The dining table is an essential part and occupies a substantial part of your house. It is a place where we gather together to have our daily meals. The dining table binds us to sit together.  Therefore, the possibility of a stone dining table can be appealing due to its antique look. Stone dining is always a symbol of luxury and class. This stunning and beautiful natural stone. Its surface is shiny and polished. It often gives the vibe of an incredible enhancing impression. That assures you of comfort and elegance. They are also available in so many colours. You can select the classy trending one for your dining table set. Besides, the finishing and polishing of the stone dining table are also very attractive. More precisely, it offers you a remarkable and outstanding set of fascinating stones endowed with nature.

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