With time Singapore has gained popularity in both the academic or business world. More people are flocking here in search of profit and Singapore with its profitable policies and the corruption-free government doesn’t disappoint. But getting a permanent residency in Singapore is a tricky affair. The Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore is very stern when it comes to accepting the permanent residency application. 

Although there is no single way to guarantee permanent residency in Singapore, there are certain pr requirements when fulfilled gives an extra edge to grant residency. 

  • Contribution To Society

All Singapore PR applications are analyzed based on how they contribute to the local economy. All applicants except students and parents of Singapore citizens need to give proof of their current employment status. 

  • Professionals, Technical Personnel and Skilled Workers Scheme

Workers with technical skills carrying a valid employment pass (EP Pass) hold an advantage over others. Such applications are likely to get accepted as it provides an additional workforce for the industries along with supporting the dwindling old-age support ratio. By providing the EP pass and the income tax reports along with letters of recommendations from prior employers, applicants can be granted permanent residency in Singapore under this scheme. 

  • Global Investor Programme

This process is a lot more rigorous. Under this scheme, the PR application is judged based on whether they will be able to run or invest in a company in Singapore. In addition to this, this application also focuses on their contribution to the local economy, whether the company will be able to generate employment for the locals or not. 

  • Gainfully Employed Applicants Under the Family Scheme

Similar to the PTS scheme, under this scheme the family members of Singapore citizens who are gainfully employed are accepted for permanent residency

  • Education Level and Qualifications

The Singapore government has always prioritized education and skills in terms of bureaucratic matters. Herewith, the ICA also emphasizes such qualifications and skill sets that can fill in the gap in the local market. Surveys suggest that the government gives top priority to IT, Engineering, and Healthcare sectors. So, if you have the essential qualifications and skills, then there is a high chance of your PR application being granted. 


  • Family Ties to Local Singaporeans

This is another important factor that will regulate your Singapore PR eligibility. A person with strong local ties is likely to get a favor over other applicants. Whether you have a spouse, children, or parents of a Singapore citizen, the ICA is likely to accept your pr application

  • Length Of Stay

The ICA evaluates an applicant’s desire to settle down in Singapore. Thus, if a person working for a long period in Singapore and seamlessly blends in with the multicultural society will have their PR application approved. 

Basically, it comes down to how an applicant presents their PR application with strong supportive documents.