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A home addition means an additional space within the existing home setting. It can be an extensive extra space or just a small extra space. Whatever the space choice you opt for, home additions are best done by a professional firm like First Floor Additions in Northern Beaches. Your home could need additional space at some point in time. You could be compelled to go for it if the existing space does not sufficiently meet your needs. When faced with such a situation, you will have two choices on hand. One is to shift to a larger home and the other is to opt for home additions to your current home.

Why first floor additions in Northern Beaches?

Enlisting the expertise of First Floor Additions in Northern Beaches will help you earn home additions that you can use as an:   

  • Additional space with a purpose. The bigger the space, the more it can be a part of your bedroom or a living room or a kitchen. Likewise, little lesser the space, it can function as a part of a bathroom or storeroom. Else you can use it as a home office space with insulation and sound-proofing add-ons that will allow you to work in comfort, sans outside disturbance effects. 
  • A storage room to accommodate your increasing storage needs. You can have shelves, drawers or cabinets in the newly created space and store all of the items in it that you feel are better off rather than as a part of your other living spaces. This way, you can avoid clutter and the negativities that come with it in the other spaces of your home, and ensure your home as a whole remains clutter-free and clean. 
  • A family room with a bathroom to house family guests or visitors who stay over for the night or for a few days. This will help you avoid sharing your own bedroom or some other family member’s with them, while at the same time, ensuring that they get the privacy they seek and make their stay truly comfortable and convenient. 
  • A deck will be great if you don’t have an outdoor patio space. You can enjoy its benefits in the warmer months of the year. If you maintain it properly later, it can greatly enhance its lifespan and value thus adding additional value to your home. When you look to sell your home later, you can recover most of the cost that you incurred on building it.   
  • A rent-out room and earn additional money. It can function as a viable and steady source of additional income, and boost your sources of income. You can let it out for a day or more to someone who is on a visit to your city or town and looking for proper accommodation during the visit. 
  • A sunroom; will help usher in natural sunlight in abundance and spread it across the surrounding rooms. Such an addition will be much cheaper than a full-scale room addition while at the same time, also offer that extra square footage.

With home additions, you can also consider a two-storey addition or a multi-room addition, either to the side of your home or behind your home. Either way, you will get that extra space that will increase the square footage of your home.

Quality home additions will increase the value of your home and make it a quality property in the marketplace. The bigger the space of home additions, the greater will be the value of your home property in the marketplace. 

Also, if you’re looking to take a loan or a line of credit to meet your family member’s education, or vacation expenses or clear off your debts or any other beneficial purpose, enhanced home property value will also greatly boost your home equity which means its assessed value minus money owed on the mortgage.

Less expensive than most remodelling works and more affordable than moving out, home additions are a quality investment that delivers rich dividends in the long run.

Choosing the best source for home additions:

Adding square footage in the form of additional space to your home can be hugely beneficial if it is properly created. It is not something that can be rushed into, but something that you need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of before taking a final decision.

This is where you can count on First Floor Additions in Northern Beaches. They have the right experts to guide you and if needed, create the right home additions that will add value to your home property.