Education is something that every parent worries about. With several famous and reputed preschools on the list or in the city, it becomes a tough task for the parents to choose just the right one. Experts consider this to be an intense process, keeping in mind, the requirements and formalities to fulfill for each of them. In fact, the right selection of preschool in Dombivli East is going to decide the career trajectory of the child.

According to the professionals, the following are some of the important factors that need to be considered before going with the selection—

  1. What does your Child Like?

Each child is different. It is the responsibility of the parents to understand what the child likes, the type of environment they would love to be in. Child psychology plays a crucial role in the selection of the preschool in Dombivli East. The experts point out the following traits to look out for in the child prior to the selection—

  • Will your child feel comfortable or nervous?
  • Whether the kid is going to make friends or not?
  • Whether the preschool will help give the right direction to the child?
  • Does the preschool have a structured or more open environment for the kid?
  1. What Kind of Mentors/Teachers are there in the Preschool?

Any educational organization is governed by the teachers present there. The same is applicable to this as well. According to the professionals, as a parent, one should always try to observe and study the mentors or teachers at work. One should always look out for the approach of the teachers while interacting with the kids- are they aggressive or enthusiastic and warm. A teacher should always be found standing behind the kid in the learning process and should always be encouraging in every approach the child undertakes.

  1. What Kind of Environment the Preschool has?

Preschools claim to offer the best environment to your kids. But the parent or guardian must have the reality check. One should always enroll their kids in a preschool in Dombivli East that provides an environment that would be TOO PERFECT.

Well, the concept of perfection in things is subjective. Therefore, one should always look out for the following parameters—

  • What kind of ambiance the preschool has?
  • Are the items or programs offered are for the benefits of the kids exclusively?
  • Does the environment in the preschool have encouragement as a driving factor?
  • What is the classroom environment?
  • What are all the arrangements present?
  1. Where is the Location of the Preschool?

Mumbai being the financial capital of the world’s largest democracy, there are thousands of preschools. However, as a parent, you need to stress on ascertaining that the kid does not travel hours to reach to the preschool. For example, if you are residing in the vicinity of Thane, preschool in Dombivli East will always be the best choice.

Apart from this, make sure that whether the preschool in Dombivli East offers any means of transportation for the kids or not. Safety should always be the top priority.


Some factors would define how good the preschool is going to be. What is required is to have the proper and thorough assessment of the preschool in Dombivli East before enrolling your kid because it is the place where the future of your son/daughter would be carved.