A wedding day is one of the days that anybody will dream to have. Therefore, this is a great day when you should take some photos of you and your partner. However, if you want to take amazing photos on your big day, it is a great idea to hire a wedding photo booth company. With this, you will have many snaps of all people who will be present at the wedding. Below are the tips that will help you in choosing the best wedding photo booth for hire.

Closed Vs. Open Air Booths

For a closed photo booth the guests in, the boxes are usually found in shopping malls since they are easy to use and simple, and they can still be used in weddings. The booth is self-contained and appears neat while in the room. However, the disadvantage of this type of photo booth is that they are heavy and can be expensive to transport from one location to another.

On the other hand, the open-air booths can be transported easily. They can be installed anywhere, provided the space is sufficient. This you should choose the right one based on your needs.

Picture Quality

As far as the picture quality is concerned, closed phototypes do not offer high-quality pictures. The main reason is that the boxes use a webcam to take photos. Another reason is the lightning that is usually poor. The open-air boots use DSLR cameras that make professional-quality photos. For lighting, in this case, a professional studio flash is used, and in retain, the image quality becomes the best.


The open-air photo booths contain a backdrop option. Most companies offer a wide range of backdrops that helps in choosing one that meets your needs. Still, it is essential to keep in mind that closed booths do not have many options as far as backdrops are concerned.


Closed photo booth options have a little space inside them. So if you have many people, then they will look as if they are stuffed in the room. On the other hand, the open photo booth offers a relatively large backdrop. In this way, many people can stand together for a photoshoot


Ensure that there is enough space for your photo booth installation. Therefore, it is ideal to choose the right place where to install your wedding photo booth.

DIY Photo Booth

If hiring a wedding photo booth is not the best thing for you, then it will be ideal for you to follow DIY. This means you can design your photo booth based on your needs. It is easy to design a handmade backdrop. Although the quality will not be as high as that of a photo booth, at least, you will have something to entertain your guests.

Overall, if you have to hire a wedding photo booth for your D- day, then the above tips will play a significant role since they will help you make the right choice.