Heated towel rails in Sydney,

Including heated towel rails in the bathroom will make it inviting and also enhance the beauty of the bathroom. After the bath, you will also feel comfortable and warm. Heated towel rails are available in different designs and sizes. The price of the towel rails varies based on the size, material and design. Fittings like wall plugs, screws and brackets are included in it. In this article let us discuss some useful tips for selecting the best-heated towel rails for your bathroom. 

Electric heated and water heated are the two main types of heated towel rails in Sydney. If needed you can customize both types in the same unit. You must select the heated towel rails based on the existing heating system. In both types, you have plenty of design options. In some models, they have included the energy-saving function and for some models, you need to add it separately. 

Tips to select heated towel rails in Sydney

  • Electric heated towel rail

It is the most suitable, practical and convenient solution for many bathrooms in Sydney. The installation process is very easy and it requires only less time. Some of the special features of electrically heated towel rails are automatic timer and boost function. It helps you to save energy. Using the built-in timer you can automatically start and stop the heated towel rail. For fast heating, you must press the booster manually. Select the time period and turn on the switch. 

  • Centrally heated or water-heated towel rail

Water heated towel rails will use the existing heating system of the house. You just connect the water heated towel rails to the existing system. Water heated towel rail needs electricity to heat the towel. Its function is more or less similar to the water heating system. Water heated towel rails need an electric valve for its function. There are two types of electric valves available. The first type of valve has a built-in switch and it can be adjusted from 30oC to 60oC. The second type of electric valve is also known as Erica valve. It has a timer, boost function, antifreeze function, built-in switch for operation and it can also be adjusted from 30oC to 60oC. But in the second type, you must buy the valve separately. 

  • Dual fuel heated towel rail

It is one of the most popular types and it has functions of both electric and water heated towel rails in Sydney. It is usually connected to the main heating system of the house and in addition to that, it needs an extra element for electrical heating. If you want to use independently then connect the towel rail using the T-piece fitting. Since it has both functions you can use this type at any time. 

Places for installing the heated towel rail:

Most people think that bathroom walls are the only place for installing the heated towel rail but it can be fixed at different. Some of the factors to be considered for installing the heated towel rails are the size of the rail, shape of the place, pipe system and the towel rail type.