Whether you are acting in a film or in a theatre room, you need to portray your character in the best sense possible. You must remember that your character has a life, and it is your responsibility to make it as believable in front of audiences as possible. The weekend acting workshops in Mumbai will teach you to create emotional performances, which will turn out to be memorable in no time. Your performance will actually make you a world-renowned artist.

Find An Emotional Objective! 

The scene starts because of your strong needs to fulfil. In some cases, you need power, and in other scenes, you need love. There is always a strong emotional connection with the character, which will actually make you feel for that fictitious person. No matter whatever the needs might be, it must make you emotional if you want to get the main objective out.

Obstacles – Yours And Theirs 

Always remember that when you enter a scene, the other person will think just the opposite of you. You will be taught how to work out such obstacles in the weekend acting classes in Mumbai for sure. The other person is going to be your external or outer obstacle. Now, it is your responsibility to convince them to give you what you exactly need.

The scenario must feel like it hasn’t happened before. If there is a greater obstacle in your path, then you can provide a better performance range for sure.


You can always come up with various tactics, which will help you to get exactly what you want from a scene. Now, the real question is which way should you choose? It will depend on what the scene demands from you. It is true that acting classes near me will help you to know more about these tactics.

Are you a manipulator or planning to guilt others, or are you using the power of sadness or anger? Well, if your tactics get more and more interesting, it will make your performance even more compelling. You must also remember that tactics will change all the time for sure.


Now the time has come for you to personalize your current emotional objective alongside the scene. It is what you can understand deeply or actually relate to right now. If you are able to get more personal with your character, it will add more meaning to the scene. You can let others feel your emotion through the character.

Inside – Outside Acting 

Well, it means you will show something outside, but the inside will be completely the opposite. Are acting workshops helpful for such understanding? Well, the answer is yes.

Your character needs to be calm on the outside but boiling inside, much like a pressure cooker. The inside would love to express, but the outside will stop it from doing so. So, learn to hide your true emotions and feelings and act in a completely different limelight outside.

Point Of View 

You better start promoting and point of view of your character. You better accept and then understand what the character actually wants, believes or acts like. Your primary goal over here is to promote the current point of view of your character in a rather positive manner. It is important for you to actually fall in love with the character’s wishes and feel its needs. Once you can understand your character well, you can easily portray it in front of the world.

These are some of the simple steps to address in case you want to create a memorable performance. If you want to know more about the memorable acting steps, then join the acting workshops now.