One fear that keeps on grilling the homeowners while they are investing in the timber floor is it will soon get scratched and damaged as they have a pet in their home. Well, fear is not baseless.

Whether you have a cute little puppy or kitten in your house, they will eventually scratch the floor out of their basic instinct. And, in some cases, the scratch can go beyond repair, and it seems to turn your entire investment somehow worthless.

However, you can still get a chance to have wood flooring in Sydney for your house, even when there is a pet in your home. You just need to take some smart decisions. Here are some of those you are meant to keep in mind.  

  • Go for Distressed Wood

The scratches become more visible and prominent on the wood floors when the floor is polished. However, on the distressed hardwood floor, the chances of scratch visibility are automatically lessened. Also, the distressed or rugged wood flooring in Sydney gives a smart and unique look to your floor.

  • Ditch the Soft Wood Options

The softwood options are undoubtedly more prone to damage and dent. Even, if you did not have a pet in your house, the softwood would have perished at a much faster pace.  Well, some people may tell you that softwood looks great for any home, but it is never a practical solution. Therefore, going for hardwood flooring is always recommended.

  • Pick Wood that has More Grains

Not everybody is in love with the idea of a grainy wood floor. However, if you have pets in your home, you are meant to fall in love with the grainy wood. It’s because the wood with the maximum grain can successfully hide the dents and scratches. Red oak and Brazilian cherry are the best examples of grainy wood flooring in Sydney.

  • Go for Stained Finishing on the Wooden Floor

As mentioned earlier, the shiny and polished wooden floors are more likely to get damaged and show the scratch marks. Also, a high gloss finish reflects light that may appear to be quite artificial at times. On this note, it will be a wise decision on your part to go for wooden flooring featuring a stained finish. 

  • Keep Rugs and Mats

Last but not least, if you are planning to have wood flooring in Sydney, it will be a wise decision on your part to buy some rugs and mats along with it. In one way, it perfectly blends with the design of your wooden floor, protects it from dust and of course, works as a protective shield from your pet’s tiny, sharp feet.

Final Words

To make sure that the timber floor you have chosen for your house lasts for a long time without scratches or dents, you have to take care of it properly. Using the oil-based polyurethane could be a great option while re-touching the wooden floor. Also, training your pet to keep their claws in may work positively to some extent. Before you get the wood flooring done, don’t forget to discuss the pet issue with your flooring professional so that you can end up choosing the best.