commercial contact grill

The commercial kitchen should constantly evolve the new requirements for catering equipment. From new equipment to new power sources the commercial kitchen is changing with regards to the evolution of contact grill and griddle.

Purchasing high-quality equipment for your kitchen helps you to last for a long time and provide a better service. In a commercial kitchen, the commercial contact grill and commercial griddle are one of the most-used appliances.

Commercial contact grills:

Commercial contact grills are great for cooking food quickly and efficiently. The commercial contact grill can be used for everything from Paninis and toasted sandwiches to vegetables and meat. There is single to double plate designs available, and there is a wide range of options in contact grills that suit your commercial kitchen.

Panini presses and contact grills:

The Panini presses are easy to use and clean that makes them a popular choice in all types of a commercial kitchen. It offers a way to cook vegetables, sandwiches and meats without the need to turn halfway through cooking.

Contact grills are a great choice for your kitchens with limited space as they don’t need much space and allow you to cook several food items without the need for a full-size range cooker.

Great things about contact grills:

Contact grills are a favourite kitchen appliance of many chefs, also sometimes called “clamshells” because of their shape. It is also touted as electric grills for a variety of foods, from steak and burgers to sandwiches without ever having to flip it as you do on a stovetop or grill.

The folding design makes it ideal for cooking meat, and it locks the natural juices by giving a flavour and taste. It also provides high nutritional value and also grills veggies like bell peppers and asparagus.

Commercial griddle plates:

Commercial griddle plates are available from gas to electric which are available in a range of sizes and with different finishes. The commercial griddle comes with the option of chrome or steel cooking surfaces. A flat metal plate conducts heat and cooks food directly from the griddle surface to the food product. It is used to cook a variety of foods which includes eggs, chicken, bacon, and hamburgers. Some griddles equip with a platen that provides additional cooking from above.


The griddle surface develops hot spots and cold spots. The food cooks faster in hot zones, and in cold zones, it only used to keep cooked food warm. The commercial griddle helps to maintain consistent food quality. The griddle surface should clean regularly so that it offers the most uniform distribution of heat across the griddle surface and operates more efficiently.

Bottom line:

Consumers and professionals alike love contact grills and griddles in their modern kitchen. Because it can cook quickly without a lot of mess and can guarantee even cooking on both sides. The choice of equipment will have a direct impact on your business. The commercial contact grill and griddle is the right kind of equipment to be installed in your kitchen to make your food delicious.