Metal Balustrades

Balustrades are known as an architectural mainstay since before the Roman times. These are the type of fencing that adds a great finishing touch to the balconies, staircases, and fencing. Apart from that, these also add a complete touch of class. As a result, balustrades are now found on the buildings of different sizes and significance.

There are different types of balustrades available; the metal balustrades in Sydney are one of the best ones in terms of the aesthetic appeal these bring. Besides, these are also a vital consideration in terms of safety.

So, before shopping for the metal balustrades, take a look at different types of metal balustrades and the situations where these suits the best.

  • Wrought iron balustrade:

This type of balustrade is a stylish manner of offering security to the balcony or deck. And the best thing about this balustrade type is that these are available in different types of colours that can easily be customized.

Being a robust and strong material, wrought iron can easily stand up to different weather conditions. Even though this metal is comparatively maintenance-free, it needs to be coated and sealed regularly to deter rust.

  • Strand wire balustrade:

This is one of the most popular metal balustrades in Sydney that offers a contemporary look and this type of balustrade is quite easy to maintain. But the regulations are very strict regarding the total amount of wire necessary for safety.

Therefore, this looks quite busy. Stand wire balustrades are mostly used in areas like balconies and stairs and these are often available with different types of handrails. So, if you are in search of premium quality and luxurious balustrade, then this is the best option that you can choose.

  • Stainless steel balustrade:

It is another most widely used option of the metal balustrade. The thing that makes this balustrade special is its modern appeal. Another special thing about this balustrade is it works well with different types of building materials like glass and wood. The stainless-steel balustrades have a timeless appearance and therefore these can widely be used both inside and outside of the homes.

Besides, these are also manufactured with different types of coatings that keep water from damaging the balustrade surface, especially in the coastal areas. One of the best parts of this balustrade is that it comes with a choice of handrails as well as it can easily be combined with glass to offer a contemporary look and feel.

  • Aluminium balustrade:

This is one of the metal balustrades in Sydney that you can count on if you are in search of a cost-effective option for balustrades. The benefits of this type of balustrade are that it is low maintenance, highly durable, and very suitable for different weather conditions.

Therefore, it can be used in both exterior and interior parts of the properties. Moreover, the powder coating of this type of balustrade creates a great shine while offering complete protection. The availability of powder coating ensures that this balustrade is available in different types of colours.