New Trends are being established in the kitchen renovation industry. Many people wish to modulate their kitchen in a way that not only cooking can be initiated adequately, but the visual appearance of the kitchen area is elevated as well. Maintaining kitchens is a very tough task, and so is taking care of the marble benchtops installed.


Marble benchtops give your kitchen an elegant appeal. Cleaning and maintaining the aesthetic item can be done easily by simple dusting. The benchtops available in the market are not only visually stunning but also are durable in nature. The only thing which a homeowner needs to consider is the aspect of selecting the most appropriate marble benchtop which suits the kitchen requirement.


Here’s a list of certain things you should keep in mind with regards to selecting marble benchtop:

Size of the countertop:

Your kitchen requires every precise detailing in case of sizes as something big may create disturbance in smooth functioning. On the other hand, incorporating something small may trouble you with managing kitchen items altogether. Ensure that whatever size you choose, is the perfect one for your kitchen. Take the help of an interior expert or an expert manufacturer of these marble benchtops to identify the correct size for you.

Shape and the edges:

Every person has a defined taste and choice when it comes to selecting marble benchtops. However, the best and most popular design is either the bull’s nose cut or a perfect rectangular top with unsharpened edges. Choose the shape, be it a square, circle or rectangle, according to your choice.


Choose the right and required thickness for your benchtop as it is something that matters a lot. Usual industrial slabs and benchtops are installed of 1 and ¼ inch, whereas, for homes the size of ¾ inches is suitable. Just check your requirements and then get it customized.

Marble veining:

The lines running through the marble are known as marble veins. People have different preferences when it comes to marble veins. Some like it to be thick and visible, whereas, some like it to be barely noticeable or non-existing. It’s all about your choices.


The sale of white marble benchtops is presently dominating the consumer market. However, it is not necessary that you have to follow the trend. Choose the one that goes equally well with the rest of your kitchen and makes it more beautiful and dainty than ever.


The quality of marble benchtop purchased is a critical decision as it helps you to plan out your finances. Although marble lasts well for years, its shine and newness completely depend on the quality. Make sure you find the best quality within your respective budget.

These are certain things one must pay attention to while installing marble benchtops. With these things being taken care of, you are sure to fulfill all your interior designing needs. Seek assistance from professionals so that the perfect material can be purchased.