Paithani Saree - A Perfect Gift For Newly Married Woman

India’s handloom industry is one of its most nuanced industries that has brought tremendous revenue and worldwide renown to the nation. Handloom sarees, in particular, have been a favourite among Indian women – preserved and passed down from generation to generation. One such treasured handloom saree is the paithani saree. Whether you look offline or online paithani saree has distinctive looks and a very luxurious appeal.

  Originating in the town of Paithan in Aurangabad, this saree has become a traditional outfit for most Maharashtrian brides. In fact, you can safely say no Maharashtrian wedding is complete without this saree around. Given the rich cultural history behind silk, the search for online paithani sarees is always on the rise. 

What Are Paithani Sarees?

Paithani sarees are finely woven but have tremendous strength and are hand-crafted by highly trained weavers. The body, pallu, and border have different weaving processes, and some of them closely resemble what we call the tapestry weaving pattern. 

Thus, these sarees are gorgeous, delicate, and incredibly soft. When you opt for online paithani saree shopping, you’ll come across a plethora of colours, intricately woven borders, and pallus adorned with motifs. Apart from different materials and types, you also get a host of colour options such as blue, orange, red, pink, and green. 

You need to be careful while looking through the range of online paithani saree because not every seller is reliable. Look for one who offers easy payment methods, quick shipment, refund on returns, and guarantee on their products. 

Apart from weddings, Maharashtrian women don this saree on auspicious occasions, festivities, and parties. No threads are left hanging loose during weaving and hence don’t get entangled in jewellery – what more could one ask for? 

Maintaining A Paithani Saree

Given how prestigious and expensive paithani sarees are, you need to spend time on their maintenance. To extend its life, spread it out in a dry place from time to time to let it breathe.

Do not expose it to sunlight; wrap it in a muslin cloth, and spread neem leaves around the saree to avoid fungus infestation. 

Also, always wash delicately by hand or opt for dry-cleaning. 

Shopping For Paithani Sarees Online

Online paithani saree shopping has become quite a rage since they give you multiple options while you can relax in the comfort of your house. What makes paithani sarees unique are the stunning motifs embedded in them. Some of them include coins, lotuses, parrots, coconuts, petals, blossoms, etc. These are pretty fascinating, and browsing through them makes your shopping experience fun. 

A good online paithani saree selling website will give you multiple options but also make them affordable. So, before making a purchase, determine your budget, and you can use the filter option to adjust the recommendations as per your budget. 

So, go invest in these effortless nine or six-yard sarees today for a delightful experience and to feel like a queen every time you put on one!