timber flooring epping

Picking the right flooring is one of the essential queries for each homeowner when thinking about flooring.  Timber flooring can be the best choice if you intend to make your property either a residential or a hot-selling one. It is not necessary to install conventional hardwood in any of the rooms. However, the good news is that progress in engineering will allow you to install hardwood flooring in any room.

With the success of timber flooring over time, there are so many benefits. Hardwood is in high demand, so now might be the best time for you to move from carpet to timber flooring in Epping.


The presence of actual timber has a significant advantage over the carpet when it comes to conventional or engineered hardwood flooring. Several options allow for the neutral look of wood floors. When you decorate a room with tapestry floors, you get a small number. You cannot just adjust your carpet’s colour, which prevents your room from being decorated in a much better way. With wood, you have the option to re-sand or change the colour or add a rug to the place, even if the colour does not fit the concept.

Comfort & Sell Value 

Most people do not understand the isolator function. Conventional and engineered timber floors retain more heat than any of the floors. And even if the carpet’s smoothness is lacking, you can put the rug on top of the hardwood.

In addition, conventional and engineered flooring is more attractive. Research shows that homes that have timber flooring installed sell faster than any other building.


Comparatively, it is easier to preserve the timber floors. Your carpet can be seriously damaged by a small spill or accident, while for hardwood, spills can be quickly washed. Daily vacuum and brushing are needed for carpet, but you can sweep and scrub easily for hardwood. There’s no need for you to think about finding someone to clean it.

Timber also lasts longer than carpet. It has a longer lifespan than a carpet. In addition, unlike other floors, it can be replaced or easily fixed. Even from a small spill, you have to cover the whole carpet, which does not suit any financial sense, the carpet will wear out or get ruined. You can re-sand and refinish wood several times, unlike carpets.

Health Value

Carpet flooring should be avoided for those who are susceptible to allergies from the outset. The carpet is regarded as a trap for allergies. You can preserve and clean floors easily with timber flooring. You should quickly sweep or vacuum the boards daily to care for your floorboards.

Overall, timber flooring is becoming a common long-term flooring solution for every homeowner. Besides being durable, timber floors are easy to maintain and do not raise any health risks, unlike other flooring options. Therefore deciding on the flooring option that fits your home, consider the above benefits of timbers flooring and many others to get a glimpse of what they offer.