semi frameless shower screen

Let us face it; one of the most popular things in the bathroom is the tub, so you want one that looks not only fine but is easy to get in and out of. By adding a semi-frameless shower screen, you can get the better of both worlds. Here’s what you have to remember.

Why buy a Semi Frameless Shower Screen?

It is possible to describe a semi frameless shower screen as a shower screen that has to be framed around the main perimeter but is not framed around the door. That is, the frame goes around the top, bottom, and sides of the shower screens outside edges that touch the wall. This implies that there are good, clean lines on the front of the shower screen with no frames to interfere with the view.

Some reasons to buy semi-frameless shower screen:

  • Budget-Friendly Alternative:

semi-frameless shower screen is perfect as it will give you all of the class without the cost of a frameless shower screen. For individuals who are on a budget but still want something traditional, simple and elegant in the bathroom, semi-frameless screens are therefore ideal.

  • Flexible in Design:

As this is a legal requirement, all semi-frameless shower screens are manufactured using toughened safety glass, but this does not mean that you are in any way limited in your decisions. You can also choose from a variety of colours of glass achieved by tinting, from frosted glass to any style you like, or from glass that is engraved. The components of the frames you see with these screens are available in a variety of colours, making it simple for you to fit the colour with the rest of your bathroom.

The fact that you can customize the door itself to open in distinct ways is another very beneficial design feature. This means that if you are short on space, you can open it to the left or right, make it rotate on its hinge, or even have a sliding door. For a more stable closing and better water resistance, you also have the option of using a magnetic closure. Finally, to suit your tastes, you may pick from a variety of door handles and other fixings.

  • Easy to Clean:

How quick they are to clean is another significant advantage of semi-frameless shower screens. There are fewer areas for soap scum and other grime to get stuck in since the framing is just along the outside edges of the screen. With much less scrubbing or attempting to get into tiny nooks and crannies, cleaning becomes easier and more convenient. Using products supplied by leading industry experts to make your bathroom look good is a fantastic idea. 

If you are only renovating your home or constructing it from scratch, it is worth buying items supplied by industry experts. They will send you the desired results once you recruit them. There is not much maintenance needed for frameless glass shower screens. All it needs is daily cleaning to remove soap residue and water spots. Some of the appliances, such as the hinges and brackets, can need replacement in some instances. However, by getting suitable and frequent cleaning, you can reduce the risk.