Windows are an integral part of home interior design for ages. However, they are not used simply to beautify the house, but, their primary purposes have always been to block the harsh sunlight from entering indoors, and to ensure that people outside don’t get a chance to peep inside. Hence, when we buy good quality window coverings such as Venetian window blinds, curtains or roller window blinds, we need to pay attention to certain factors:


  • Direction of windows:


The direction of a window is crucial in determining whether Venetian Window blinds, roller window blinds or curtains will suit it. For instance, if a window is facing east or west, then it will have sunlight directly entering, and in summers that can really make the interiors significantly hotter necessitating blackout coverings. On the other hand, north or south-facing windows will not allow direct entry of sunlight giving you more drapery options.


  • Design and size of windows: 


Similar to a window’s direction, its design and size also make a lot of impact on the choice of coverings. One of the important things to determine is to find out whether the window is a full-length ceiling to floor window or a large glass window, but, with ample space between the window frame and ceiling to allow installation of Venetian window blinds, etc. Similarly, whether a window is round or rectangular also affects the choice. 


  • Personal preferences:


The biggest reason why you would want to opt for window coverings is your need to regulate heat and light inside the living spaces. If it is winter then window coverings which allow sunlight to filter in and make the interiors brighter and warmer will suit better. On the other hand, in summer, one doesn’t want to get the interiors flooded by blazing sunlight and heat. Apart from that if you prefer privacy round-the-clock then you need black-out window shades. 

No matter what your preference is, you can always go online and browse through the diverse options here. You can also schedule a consultation to get expert advice as per your home specifications.