terrazzo floor tiles

Terrazzo floor tiles are widely hailed as one-of-a-kind tiles that are more fascinating than ceramic tiles, and more robust than marble tiles. The very fact that they have been around for centuries says it all, about their unique versatility and why they still remain as popular as ever.

Modern technology and tools have made them even better.  Today, it is possible to have a terrazzo tile in any shape and size, and designed in any kind of theme. Add to this, their unsurpassed beauty and textural quality, you get a high-quality product. 

Once the terrazzo is emptied onto the surface, the flooring becomes one seamless surface. There will be no strain involved or any kind of hygiene issues. This is the reason why they are ideal for not only homes and offices, but also for high-traffic areas like airports, stadiums, educational institutions, shopping centres, etc, 

What makes terrazzo floor tiles so relevant?

Despite the influx of newer varieties of floor tiles, terrazzo floor tiles still continue to retain their relevance.

That’s because they are:

  • Extremely strong with the ability to last for long. There are still many old buildings with terrazzo floors in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East that were installed centuries ago. They still remain sturdy which shows how well they have sustained their durability, and still retain the verve and charm despite the ravages of time.
  • Very flexible to use and design. Terrazzo is easy to cut making it easy to use and handle as well. They can be comfortably carved into any design, shape, and style in a colour of your choice. Simply put, there are endless possibilities that can be done with terrazzo floor tiles. 
  • Water and heat resistance. They can resist even the most intense of water leaks or flows and heat, and still maintain their glow, and shine.
  • Suitable for every kind of space, from the traditional to contemporary and modern, indoors as well as outdoors. When given the appropriate finishing they can enliven the beauty of any space where they are installed.
  • Easy to care for and maintain. They need only a minimal amount of cleaning with less effort when compared to other flooring materials. All through, they retain their unique look and feel, without in any way getting tarnished. 
  • The environment is friendly. That’s because terrazzo is an eco-friendly and sustainable material. This means even after the floor tiles have outlived their value, they can be recycled and used all over again in a new form. This way, there is no need for dumping into landfills, and when there is no dumping, there will be no pollution issues as well. 

The very fact that terrazzo floor tiles can last long, even a lifetime, and needs less maintenance, without in any way going out of style, makes it a cost-effective buy. In short, a worthy investment that will offer you considerable quality benefits during its lifespan. 

Choosing the best terrazzo floor tiles:

Terrazzo floor tiles can be produced in any design, shape, and size, in accordance with your specifications. They can also be had in every colour that exists and can also be customized into any colour of choice, including varied mixes of colours.

When you buy terrazzo floor tiles, make sure that you buy them from a reliable source with a credible reputation for providing high-quality terrazzo floor tiles, in varied options. Then, you will also get the benefit of specialist knowledge and equipment to install them effectively, at a price that will be well within your budget.