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A bathroom is a special room in each apartment, which differs in conditions like temperature changes, high humidity, etc. Due to that, bathroom renovations are mandatory to help keep the room in good shape. However, it is vital to perform all the work in the correct sequence and in a proper way so that the result will be great. And for this, it is better to think about what should be done in a bathroom immediately and decide what kind of work will be required. 

How bathroom renovation is done?

Determine how you want your bathroom to be

First, you need to decide what kind of result you are anticipating and how you see your bathroom after repair: there should be a redevelopment, you need to change all the plumbing completely, or change the finish a little. You can get the complete bathroom renovation designs in Sydney. A little imagination and inspiration and you can create a unique design.

After the purpose of the bathroom renovation is determined, you can proceed with the measurement of the room to calculate how much materials will be needed. At this stage, you can go to hardware stores to get acquainted with the range and prices. After all this, you can draft your bathroom. This issue should be taken as seriously as possible, and not just about imagining where what will be located where.

It is better to create a project as detailed as possible, which in the future will help to determine the sequence of work correctly, and in the end, will provide maximum convenience for using this room. 

bathroom renovation

Main work

When the bathroom project is entirely ready, you can proceed directly to the main work. But before you complete all the assigned work, you need to prepare the premises so that nothing could interfere with the process. 

First, you need to take out all the furniture, interior and decor items from the bathtub, and then move on to dismantling. This is the dirtiest, dusty place, without which, it is impossible to proceed. It all starts with the dismantling and removal of all old plumbing. At this stage, it is already possible and necessary to switch off the water supply. Next, you need to get rid of the old finish: first, the ceiling is cleaned of the old coating, then the walls and old pipelines are removed at the same time, and then move to the floor. Experts always advise removing the old tile to reduce the risk of fungus after repair.

Drawing up a design project of the bathroom and the breakdown of all repair work into stages will undoubtedly help. Following a clear sequence, the risk of forgetting to do something is reduced, and the quality of work is improved. Moreover, strict adherence to the stages helps to meet the deadlines; therefore, before starting renovations in the bathroom, it is better to spend some time thinking about the project and the sequence of work. Find bathroom vanities in Sydney and make your bathroom complete.