You’ve decided to have your loved one cremated. But where should you choose to handle their final resting place? Picking a service can be difficult, especially if they don’t offer a specific type of service you’re interested in. To help ease your mind and make a more informed decision, we’ve put together some helpful pointers for choosing the right cremation services.

Be familiar with your options

Before choosing a cremation service, ensure you’re familiar with its different services. Do they offer a traditional, modern, state-of-the-art facility, or something in between? If you’re unsure where to start, you can always call your local crematory and ask. Many of them will be happy to help guide you in your decision.

Let the staff help you make your choice

After you’ve chosen the exemplary cremation service for your family, you’ll need to let the staff know which type of service you’d like. And don’t be shy about letting them know what you’re looking for! Some of the best staff members will be willing to help you find the perfect fit. Some of the following questions you’ll want to ask your staff members when deciding on a cremation service: What are the different types of services available at your crematory? What is your policy regarding bodies not being laid out for 24-hour viewing? How long is the benefit? Is there a limit on the number of bodies you can process in a given day? What is the cost per body?

Find a service that offers good value

You’ll want to make sure that the price you’re paying is fair for the work that your crematory does. Many funeral home and crematory price comparisons we see online are way off. When you call your local crematory and ask to speak with a representative about pricing, make sure you’re asking about prices per body or urn. When they first call, many people are given the impression that they need to shout about fees for bags and pots. This is a misdirection. The bags and jars are sold separately, and you’ll be paying the total load and urn price, not for the bags alone or the pots alone. So, when you call your local crematory and ask about fees, make sure you’re asking about the bag price, the urn price, and the price per body.

Look at reviews first

When choosing a cremation service, you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one. This is why you should first check out virtual reviews online. Virtual visiting hours are helpful but not consistently accurate. Make sure to call your local crematory first to get a precise idea of how long a service will take. You want to ensure that the service you choose offers a quality send-off. This will ensure that your loved one’s body is adequately prepared for burial or cremation and give you and your family a better idea of what to expect during the service.

Ask about additional services

Sometimes, you may want to have a service other than cremation. For example, you could have your loved one’s body buried or have them laid in state and then have a memorial service. You should be aware of the options for these different services to make an informed decision.

Getting a quality send-off is essential

You don’t want to choose the first local crematory that comes into your mind. But instead of going with the cheapest option, which may sacrifice quality for quantity, go with the first crematory that comes into your head that offers a quality send-off for the amount you’re paying for. This will ensure that your loved one’s final resting place is beautiful, and their ashes will be scattered in a plant or flowerbed in the location they love most.