Thinking to install timber flooring in Beverly Hills house or office space? UV rays not only damage the skin of the people and car bonnets in addition to this it also damages the timber flooring. This type of timber floor damage is called as weathering or aging. If the timber floors are exposed to direct and prolong UV then it may soften or sometimes darken the tone of the timber floor. In this article let us discuss some of the simple ways to minimize the UV sun damage of the timber flooring in Beverly Hills.

Simple ways for minimizing the damage of timber floors because of UV:

Use blinds and curtains:

Curtain fabrics can protect the entry of the sunlight which protects the timber flooring. If the room is facing north side then you must use curtains because they are exposed more to sunlight. It also improves the privacy level of the room and allows minimal sunlight during the daytime. Using blinds and curtains will not change the color of the timber flooring in Beverly Hills.

Consider using UV films:

UV film reduces the entry of the UV Sunlight at the same time it will hide the outside view of the window. Before buying check whether the window film protects the room from solar rays. Always buy UV films from a reputed manufacturer because most local window films will not protect the room from the UV sunlight.

Open the living space:

Install awnings in the outside place to block the entry of direct sunlight and at the same time installing awnings will open the living area.

Furniture layout can be changed:

Change the layout of the furniture regularly so that the timber flooring will uniformly wear and become old. It is also an inexpensive way of creating a new look for the house. Placing the furniture in the same position will make the floor color different. Use felt protection pads for the furniture to minimize scratch.

Some of the common tips for protecting the timber floor from damage:

Do not drag or pull the furniture on the timber floor:

While rearranging the home space does not drag or pull the large size furniture. Dragging the furniture will create scratches or scuffs on the surface of the timber floor. So to protect your timber floor from scratches you must lift the furniture. Get help from someone to lift heavyweight furniture. Check the leg of the furniture regularly because uneven old and rugged furniture leg damage the timber floor.

Use a mat or rug:

One of the simplest and cheapest ways to protect the timber floor is by using a rug or area mat. A good quality rug will act as a cushioned area for the furniture. So you can move the furniture easily without scratches or damage to the timber floor. Rug or mat will hide the original aesthetics of the timber floor. It is the only disadvantage of using a rug. If you give more importance to the aesthetics of the timber floor then do not use rug or mat.