A solid foundation is very important for all types of structure. The strength and durability of the structure mainly depend on the strength of the foundation. In this article let us discuss some tips for successfully pouring a concrete slab foundation.

  • The basics of pouring a concrete slab:

If you are going to work on a sloped project then use an excavator to level the site. The majority of the new slab construction will need excavation work.

The volume of concrete needed for a cubic yard must be calculated. To the calculated amount add an extra ten per cent because some concrete material will be spilled and some material can be used for adjusting the depth variation. From the total usage, you can find an approximate estimate cost for the concrete slab.

The first step is to choose the straight form board. If you are going to construct a 5-inch thick edge concrete slab foundation, then you must choose 2 X 12 board. If you are constructing slab without thick edges like driveway then you can use 2 X 6, board. If you did not find the exact size board then you can attach two boards. They must be nailed on the cleat.

You must use a thick base to resist the concrete slab from cracks. The base must drain well. For this, you can add one layer of gravel to the sandy soil. After fixing the base you can calculate the filling required. To calculate the filling amount measure the distance between the form top to the ground level must be calculated. This must be done in different spots and then the average should be considered. From the average reduce the thickness of the slab. From this average depth calculate the total filling required. Fillings must be bought based on the contractor’s recommendation. Most contractors use crushed concrete for filling. The filling layer must be less than 3 inches. Use a rented plate compactor for tamping each layer. If you are constructing a thick edge slab then leave 12-inch wide trench along the perimeter.

To add extra strength and make it resistant to crack you must reinforce the slab. For connecting the rebar you need tie twisting wires and tie wires. For perimeter reinforcing, cut and bend the rebar. Overlap the pieces and wrap them using tie wires.

Water is required for the good finish of the concrete slab. If you are constructing the slab on a sunny day then spray water added with the bone dry ground in it. The spray will slow down the curing of the concrete which will help you to increase the strength of the concrete slab.

For constructing a concrete slab you require approximately four workers and two good quality wheelbarrows. If possible avoid the construction work on hot sunny days and also windy days. This will make the slab hard so you will not get a smooth finish.

During the construction work, wear eye protection glasses and rubber boots. Try to wear full sleeve dress to protect your skin.