off road caravans

Caravans come in all size. They can be as spacious as you want. Caravans should be comfortable and convenient. For any road trip, these features are important.

  • Always opt for small sized caravans that are flexible.
  • Select off road caravans that are easy to tow.
  • It should be lightweight and spacious.

In general, you select based on your needs. For small sized family, small caravans are best. It is important to avoid investing in big caravans if you need a small one. You can also look around for single bed caravans for sale options.

Weight and size are the two most important factors. They offer an advantage over the bigger sized caravan. 

  1. Easy to tow

One most important feature is that small sized caravans are easy to tow. They are generally lightweight and you can tow them using your family car.

You can find single bed caravans for sale that are easy to park and two long distances. Even if you are riding on a smaller track or countryside road, size makes a big difference.

If the caravan is small, you can take it to any place. You may not have to wait for parking space, as you can park it anywhere. Small caravans are easy to park, off-road as well.

It is important that off road caravans should be easy to turn in small tracks. You may not have to struggle to reverse the vehicle.

  1. Drag factor

If you have a small sized caravan, then you may not have to worry about the drag factor. Single bed caravans for sale dealers sell lightweight caravans. The moment you tow them at high speeds, your vehicle may not feel the drag.

This is important for the safety of the vehicle and caravan, even when riding at top speeds. Drags can over-turn the caravan if the headwinds are too high in speed.

You can ensure that you get full control of your vehicle when riding on busy highways and off-road tracks.

single bed caravans for sale


  1. Economic control

The next most important factor to keep in mind is the economy. Big sized caravans are more expensive. Small sized caravans are affordable.

You may not invest a fortune to buy small sized off road caravans. They do not cost much. You can also look around for second hand options that are cost effective.

As small sized caravans have less interior space, so you don’t need lots of accessories. You can search for single bed caravans for sale dealers, check with accessories as well.

Fewer accessories make the off road caravans more cost effective. You can decorate the caravan as per needs. These are also best for the long term, as it requires less maintenance.

  1. Flexibility factor

The small size makes the caravans more flexible. You can add outdoor extenders to small caravans. You can look around for single bed caravans for sale options where you can add extenders.

This will offer with benefit to using outdoor space as well. You can change the entire design and make the caravan more spacious. You can remove accessories that you no longer use.

Small caravans may not need indoors kitchen and bed facilities as well. You can always camp outdoors during night times.

  1. Storage benefits

If you are using small sized off road caravans then you can compromise on storage space as well. If you don’t store much, then you may not need storage space as well.

Small sized caravans are the best options if you travel alone most of the times. You can park a small caravan in your garage space.