Drains never get blocked out of nowhere. It starts with some early warning signs, but most of us ignore them and wake up in a flooded bathroom. Then the constant calls to set up an appointment with a drain specialist because of emergencies start. Many people pour down chemicals out of fear, which makes the situation worse.

 To fix something, you have to figure out what went wrong, find a way to fix it, and take steps to ensure it does not happen again soon. Most of the time, some professionals use emergencies to get money from people. Why should you let them fish in troubled waters if you can do it yourself?

As a good property owner, you should pay attention to these five blocked drains in Merrylands.

Stinky Drains

Are your drainpipes emitting strange odors? The smell is the first thing you should look for to tell if your drain is blocked. It is a sign that your sewer needs to be cleaned. 

Your Drains Are Sluggish

A sudden blockage makes itself known right away. Your toddler tries to flush her stuffed angelfish so that Dory can see her friends, and the next thing you know, the toilet is full.

Most of the time, though, a blocked drain happens because things build up over time. If your tub or sink drains more slowly than usual, you might not notice immediately. Then one day, as you are getting out of the shower, you find yourself standing in a few inches of water.

 Rampant Clogs 

This brings us to the next sign that your drains need to be cleaned. If more than one drain in your home seems to be moving slowly, the problem might not be the drains themselves. It could be a blockage in the main sewer drain instead.

As you might guess, this is not good for your plumbing system. This is not something you can fix easily on your own. If several of your sinks, tubs, or toilets are acting as if they are blocked, you should have a professional drain cleaning company check out the whole system, including the main sewer.

Gurgling Noise

Most of the time, a plumbing system should not make much noise. Water running, water going up and down the drain, or the glug-glugging of a bathtub draining are all sounds that can be heard. However, if you hear gurgling or bubbling sounds from the toilet, shower, or sink, you should check out the source and fix the problem.

These sounds usually mean that air is somewhere in your pipes where it should not be. There could be a clog, where air bubbles escaping from the clog and getting into the water above it cause the gurgling.

Multiple clogged drains

Getting blocked in more than one place? It is a call to action. Keep your eyes open because you have real problems to deal with. By that, we mean the main clog in the sewer. Now that you know the early warning blocked drain signs in Merrylands, you might wonder who is responsible for unclogging the drains. It depends on where the blockage is and how it is connected to the public sewer system. If you explore it anywhere inside the private property line, you will have to fix the problem on your own.