Chiropractic treatment typically emphasizes in diagnosing, treating and also preventing mechanical disorders. These disorders are of the musculoskeletal system which covers the spine, and even nervous system. Chiropractors are somehow similar to daily care providers, but in a real sense, they are highly skilled and have a speciality in the medical field. If you have a spine problem, do not hesitate to look for a chiropractor. The spine is a very delicate part of our body, and when treatment is delayed, it can lead to severe issues. As such, you can opt for chiropractic treatment in Bankstown.

Chiropractic treatment mainly deals with manual therapy more so the spinal treatment. Besides, treatment can be exercise together with lifestyle counselling. The chiropractor uses his own hands as the main “medicine”. Many diseases and pathologies of the body lend themselves to only one type of treatment which is a manual method. The essence of the manual method of treatment is a special type of massage, which allow you to act on various organs and systems for their speedy recovery. A chiropractor in Bankstown will help you recover from severe injuries and return the tone to your body.

When to contact a chiropractor?

Therapy with massage is so multifaceted that such treatment can be used for almost any purpose. You will need the services of a chiropractor if you have the following symptoms:

  • Frequent headaches, particularly in the back of the head
  • Pain in various parts of the spine
  • Rachiocampsis
  • Pain in the heart is, which is a frequent sign of the presence of diseases of the spine
  • Joint pain
  • Violation of the sensitivity of the limbs
  • Impaired posture
  • Impaired urination

These are far from all cases when manual medicine can help you. A chiropractor in Bankstown will help you cope with diseases and forget about problems with the spine for a long time.

A chiropractor is not just a specialist who is fluent in massage techniques, but also a qualified orthopaedic surgeon who knows how to adjust a person’s body. Manual therapy can be performed only by a specialist who knows his job, who knows how to treat, and how not to harm, because manual therapy is not just massage. Also, the chiropractor must have a good memory, constantly replenish knowledge, be attentive and sensitive to the patient. Before treatment, the doctor surveys the patient, examination of the diseased organ, and also, if necessary, gives directions for additional diagnostics – ultrasound or body diagnostics. Only after the doctor has preliminary data in his hands (conclusion, snapshot), he can begin treatment with manual therapy.

What does a chiropractor treat? 

Manual therapy specialist can help people of any age – from small to large. Manual therapy may be needed even by the smallest children. For example, the cervical vertebrae can be damaged at birth, which can cause headaches and other inconveniences for the baby. Such small patients should be assisted as quickly as possible. With age, any person may have problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system. Young people can also seek chiropractic treatment. The main task of a chiropractor is to restore the biomechanics of bones, spine, ligaments and muscles. Disturbances in the functioning of these organs can provoke negative consequences for other organs and systems, including the brain.

The specialist helps with clamping of blood vessels, pinching of nerves, the curvature of the spine, as well as with hernia, osteochondrosis and other diseases. The chiropractor also helps treat diseases that seem entirely unrelated to the spine – diseases of the respiratory system, endocrine system, digestive system, etc. The human body is a complex structure where everything works in conjunction. So, for example, damage to the finger, which changes gait, can provoke arthrosis of the hip joint. And incorrect posture will provoke a displacement of the spines, which will undoubtedly affect the internal organs.

What is the difference between a manual therapist and a massage therapist?

On the one hand, the work of a massage therapist and chiropractor is somewhat similar. But, on the other hand, they do a different job. So, they have different knowledge, work with different strengths and use different techniques. Unlike a massage therapist, a chiropractor is, first of all, an orthopedist who has a more in-depth knowledge of the human body. Thanks to his qualifications, the chiropractor has the right to apply manipulations on the effects on the internal organs, adjust, use rigid techniques on the spine, muscles, joints.

Chiropractors use a variety of manual methods that allow them to overcome joint blockage and improve their mobility. The principle is to expose the joint, taking into account its physiological limits, to accurate and strictly dosed manual impulses to unlock blocked surfaces and, thus, restore and improve its mobility.

Most often, the manipulation is accompanied by a crunch. This is impressive but completely painless: between the two bone elements of the joint, at the moment when they are returned to movement, depression occurs, which causes certain components of the synovial fluid to go into a gaseous state. It is these “gas bubbles” that crackle and gives rise to this characteristic crunch during chiropractic manipulation. The treatment is aimed at normalizing the joints and also tissues. Chiropractors typically have their x-ray machines. They may also be referred to outside specialists for the radiological or laboratory tests necessary to make a diagnosis.


Chiropractic, among other things, aims to restore joint mobility to break the vicious cycle of pain. It eliminates the disturbance in the corresponding vertebral joint and, thus, reduces the abnormally increased flow of information addressed to the spinal cord. Therefore, the affected muscles again receive their usual amount of information, and its rated voltage is normalized. The function of the muscular system improves, the abnormal load decreases, irritations and inflammations regress.

The primary benefit of opting for chiropractic treatment is because no invasive or medical interventions is used. The chiropractor massages using his hands, which in turn will help in preventing musculoskeletal system disorders.