When talking about sarees, you must be knowing the special place it holds in Indian culture and tradition. This outfit has gained popularity all over the world now. Among the sarees also, the pure silk banarasi saree holds a special place in the heart of women of India. The banarasi silk is a fine variant of the silk that grows in the city of Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The sarees made using these fine and pure fabrics are famous all over India.

The sarees add charm and elegance to your personality and are fit to be worn regularly as well as on occasions. In the present scenario, the banarasi silk sarees are considered to be the most traditional outfit of the times. Kalashree is the ultimate hub of pure banarasi silk sarees online and is available at affordable rates. 

Intricate designs

The banarasi silk sarees are made after the tedious work of the artisans. It is popular for its design and the gold and silver brocades that are also termed as ‘Zari’. Inspired by Mughals, the designs and the presentation of these sarees is the most attractive feature. Designed intricately, the cloth is sometimes also filled with floral and foliate designs. 

Apart from just focusing on the designs, you may also find a ‘Jhallar’ along with it. It refers to a string of upright leaves. The impressive features like compact weaving, minor detailed figures, heavy work of gold, and metal visual effects are the ones that make it a perfect piece for wearing. 

How is the banarasi saree made?

To manufacture a single piece of pure silk banarasi saree, three craftsmen are required to work on a power loom. 

  • Among the three craftsmen, the first artisan is required to weave the silk for the manufacturing of the saree.
  • The second artisan is required to dye the silk with appropriate colors and the third artisan handles the bundles of silk and forms the power ring.

Initially, the designs are created on graph paper and are imprinted as a pattern for the punch cards. It serves as a guide for the threads for an entire weaving process. The duration of one saree to be created is around 15 days to six months. It all depends on the complexity of designs and styles. To create the royal designs, the craftsmen may need to work for a year as well.

With so much advancement in technology, the business of selling banarasi sarees has increased through online media. You can place your orders in advance and get the saree delivered to your doorstep in the minimum possible duration. 

Wide range of collection

With so many varieties of banarasi sarees available in the market today, you can select the ones that fulfill your needs and are good to be carried by you. Based on the choice of your designs, you can select the best saree for yourself from the online stores. 

Various brands today use the latest machines to get the sarees delivered in the best possible time. So what are you waiting for? Find the perfect fit for you and order it as soon as possible.