Summary: High-quality packaging attracts millions of consumers every day. But, can high-quality dog treat packaging items please your pets? Let’s explore. 

Effective packaging can convince customers to buy your product. More importantly, it can create engagement and customer loyalty. Smart packaging design can hit customer touchpoints and make them believe that delightful experiences wait for them inside the packaging items. Currently, the pet food market is booming, and consumers are becoming quite selective about what their pets eat. But, can dog treat packaging help pet food sellers attract more customers? Absolutely! In the past, the pet food packaging sector’s only purpose was conveying pet food to customers. Now, with more people getting pets, it’s a sector that’s demanding innovation. Here’s how dog and cat treat packaging experts use smart design to turn regular boxes of pet treats into vehicles for efficient on-shelf advertisements. 

High-Quality Graphics Make a Major Impact

The use of colours and high-quality graphics in dog treat packaging can help dog food brands distinguish their products. Dog owners are influenced by packaging styles, colours, and decorations. Dogs, too, become very attached to particular colours and shapes. With high-quality graphics and colours, pet food packaging experts capture all five senses of the customers and their pets. The customer is impressed by the graphics, the shape of the packaging item, and its uniqueness (how different it is from other pet food packaging items). The pets are attracted to the packaging item’s smell and colours. That’s why loading packaging items with unique colours, high-quality graphics, and good-smelling printer ink can attract many customers.

Innovative Packaging Shapes Make Pet Food Shopping More Fun

Although the first thing pet owners should notice while shopping for pet food are the labels, the product ingredients, and nutritional information, their eyes draw them to the pet food product’s shape first. Transparent labels on these uniquely shaped packaging items increase their determination to buy the product. However, dog treat packaging that’s shaped like pillows, pouches, or toys attracts the animals. If you’re lucky, your customers’ pets can completely stop eating from packaging items that aren’t shaped like your products! Pet food packaging experts think through these subtle details while designing their packaging items. Standing out from the crowd by stepping away from the typical rectangular shaped-boxes can do wonders for a pet food brand. 

Pets and Sellers Both Love Convenient Packaging

High-quality dog treat packaging items that stand upright on their own on shelves are loved by sellers. There’s no need to set up pegs or invest in cardboard displays – these unique packaging items act as their own unique billboards! This form of convenient packaging can also help pets eat their food more easily. For instance, a packaging item that allows pet owners to easily pour the food items will be loved by pets. Gone are the days of oversized pet food packaging boxes that take two to three people to unload! 

Smart Sound Design 

Smaller, more portable, and more convenient dog treat packaging items don’t create as much sound as packaging items of the past. Plus, crinkly paper or aluminium packaging used to create rough sounds which denoted dryness or bad quality. Modern-day pet food items don’t’ create any sound and denote messages of freshness and quality!