Automatic window blinds are among the most sophisticated engineering products available today in the market. It’s obvious that selecting the right automatic curtain systems is certainly not a straightforward task. Don’t worry, you don’t have to understand the technology to select automatic blinds, but it is important to identify a genuine brand that’s important.

We say this because of the availability of many mediocre brands whose unsatisfactory product performance can result in high maintenance costs for you in the long run. To make this process simpler, we have put together a list of important points that you must evaluate while buying automatic blinds.

  1. Is the brand reputed?

Brand reputation is extremely vital. The most premium and well-established brand should be your preferred option. Also, ensure that the brand you choose should be specialised in engineering & manufacturing of window blinds. We would strictly advise avoiding brands that have a wide range of architecture products of which window blinds is one of the options.

  1. A market leader is necessarily not the best

Anyone can be a market leader by market share. In the case of automatic blinds, it’s possible for cheaper brands to also become market leaders by grabbing the majority market share in terms of volume. Since their products are available at a fraction of the cost as compared to premium automatic window blinds, it’s obvious that there will be many people buying these cheaper brands. You must avoid falling in such a trap.

  1. Do you have L-shape, C-shape or other non-straight windows?

The track shape would depend on the facade. Whether it is straight, L-shaped, C-shaped, or S-shaped, ensure that the brand has the shape.

  1. Are your window facades long?

Long window facades would require a heavier motor. Additionally, the weight of the blinds will also be restricted since the motor will have to transport the blinds over a longer distance. So if you have very wide window facades, then ensure that the automatic curtain system has a motor & track system that can support such long facades.

  1. Are your facades tall?

Tall facades mean a high weight of drapery. It also means more track strength. You must ensure that the automatic curtain system you choose can bear the weight of the drapery and the motor can operate it without any burnout.

  1. What are your options to control the automatic curtain system?

The best brands provide you with a variety of control systems. In our opinion a remote control, wall-mounted panel, and integration with building management systems is compulsory.

  1. Do you have frequent power failures in your area?

For that rare occasion when power fails, you must have a backup. Ensure that the automatic curtain system can be manually controlled in case of a power failure. You can also look at options that have a battery system as power back-up.

  1. Can the motor be hidden behind the curtain?

This is very important from an aesthetics point of view. Check the various mounting options for the motor.

  1. What are the modes of operating?

Central draw, side draw, tandem draw – check the various modes of operating the curtain system. Also check for other features such as auto slow down before endpoints, safety stops, etc.

  1. What are different devices for operating the automatic window blinds?

Do you have a wall-mounted panel only or do you also have the option of the remote control? Also, look at options of controlling the blinds through a mobile app or voice commands. This is especially important in cases when you can’t find the remote control or when the remote control has developed a snag.

  1. Is the brand famous for excellent customer support?

By excellent customer support, we mean proactive support. Check for the periodic maintenance schedule that the brand offers.

In commercial spaces, an automatic curtain system (also known as automatic drapery system) is of vital importance as you would want your guests to experience the correct amount of light. Hence it’s important that you make the right choice and we are sure you the above questions would help you in doing so. Alternatively, you can also walk into any gallery of the world’s best window blinds brand and take a demo of their automatic curtain systems.