Businesses are looking for the opportunity to repurpose the user-generated content for their marketing campaigns to build trust, boost engagement, and sales.

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms among the millennials and Z generation. It provides amazing features to not only the users but also opens a great opportunity for the brands. Instagram is greatly used by influencers and brands to promote products by creating engaging content for users. Started as a photo-sharing app, Instagram has now attracted brands to use the platforms as a means to engage with their audience and boost brand awareness. 

It provides quality and authentic user-generated content as people love sharing their experiences in different domains. Businesses spend a huge amount on content creation and focus on different means to boost brand awareness through content. However, in today’s time, users don’t get convinced by branded content rather they believe and get influenced by UGC. Businesses are looking for the opportunity to repurpose the user-generated content for their marketing campaigns to build trust, boost engagement, and sales. Marketers pay a lot of attention to boost the engagement at the brand’s website by integrating, informative content, adding a visual aspect to build trust, etc. Displaying social media content on your website increases user engagement, conversion rate, and boost the credibility of your brand. It helps your visitors to get knowledge about your product through real-life experience shared by your users.

Instagram Feed Embedding on Website

In a survey by Facebook in 2019, it was noted that approx. 85% of Instagram users discover a new product on Instagram. Businesses are embedding Instagram hashtag feed on their websites to engage users and provide them authentic user-generated content to build trust. Moreover, it will increase the click-through rate and conversions at websites.

Effective Ways to Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed on Your Website


Taggbox is the best UGC platform to display user-generated content on your website. The platform allows you to aggregate Instagram feeds with the help of hashtags, mentions, keywords, page URLs, etc. Brands can easily discover, collect, curate, and display social media content on any marketing platform. 

It offers multiple features to customize and personalize the design of social media feeds according to the marketing requirements. From displaying feeds in the form of a social wall in events to embedding on the website to offer authentic and visually appealing content, the tool offers all solutions. 

The process of embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website is simple and requires no coding experience. Just need to copy the embed code of created Instagram feed and paste it on the backend of your website.

The platform also offers advanced features like moderation to filter out any irrelevant content that might be not useful for your marketing efforts. Apart from moderation, it gives access to user rights management feature which helps the brand to take user consent before using users’ content. There are many features that make it easy for marketers to repurpose the UGC and gain good quality content for their marketing campaigns.

Official Instagram Embedding Option

Instagram has evolved itself over the years depending on the marketing and users’ need. It provides various opportunities for businesses to utilize the platform for the marketing aspect. You can embed any particular post on your website by copying the embed code of the post and then integrating it on your website. 

Although this process is time-consuming and not efficient as you need to copy the code for each post you want to display on your website. This process is only feasible if you want to display one or two posts on your website. 

WordPress Plugin by Smash Balloon

The platform allows you to embed Instagram feed on your WordPress website. This plugin is specifically designed for WordPress website users so it restricts its use for other platforms. It provides a responsive and customizable design layout for embedding Instagram feed on your website. The plugin allows you to embed only from your personal or company Instagram account. It helps you to increase the engagement at your website by displaying visually attractive content. You can easily manage the content of the feeds. However, you can display the feeds from your account and not from any users’ accounts with the help of hashtags or URLs. 


It is a responsive widget that lets you display Instagram feed on your WordPress website. The tool comes with many features to manage and customize the design of the feed according to your requirements. 

The tool allows you to display 12 posts at a time in a single feed. Earlier, with WPZoom you could only access your personal or company’s Instagram account, but now you can display public content with their consent.

It’s easy to customize and operate platforms aggregate social media feeds from multiple sources. The platform allows you to collect content from a hashtag or your business account to display on your website. You can easily customize the design and choose the theme from various options. 

It’s easy to display Instagram feed by copying the embed code and paste it in your website backend wherever you want to show your audience. offers free and paid services to leverage the benefits of advanced features.