There are a number of window shade varieties available in the market today. However, window blinds have been the favourite and widely used window coverings all over the world for a long time now. They offer so many options, sizes, varieties, and benefits that the possibilities are almost endless. They are typically in the form of slats that are stacked side-by-side and can be tilted, closed, or opened to regulate light and view. 

How do I choose the right window blinds?

Window blinds have a universal appeal and they are usually available in different colours, textures, and material options to fulfill diverse needs. However, you need to take care of certain factors that determine the suitability of different types of window blinds. Let’s take a look at them:

Direction: The direction faced by a window is of utmost importance. East/west facing windows allow direct entry of sunlight into the interior areas. Hence, they need to be covered with opaque window blinds that can completely block the sunlight during the summer days. Similarly, windows facing the north/south directions don’t get direct sunlight and are ideal for installing sheer or semi-opaque blinds that can disperse mild light into the interiors creating a cozy ambience.

Window size and interior design: Different windows create different ambience and the choice of window blinds depends on the size of the windows and interior design of the house. Large floor-to-ceiling windows is best suited for vertical window blinds or roller blinds whereas the conventional Venetian window blinds or Roman window blinds are more suitable for regular size windows or round windows. Similarly, the material and color of a window blind are influenced by the interior design.

What are the benefits of window blinds?

Window blinds have a number of benefits to offer that make them a much sought after option to cover the windows. Here are some of the major benefits offered by different types of window blinds:

Privacy: They can be shut completely to block outsiders from peeping inside giving complete privacy to the house owners. Alternatively, they can be opened completely to enjoy the outside views.

Energy efficiency: Good quality window blinds especially the wooden window blinds are great insulators that keep interiors warmer or cooler depending upon the season and reduce energy consumption in homes.

Light control: They give complete control over light flow internally as they can be fully opened, fully closed or tilted at an angle to allow only the desired level of sunlight to enter the premises. 

Durability: Good quality window blinds are a lot more durable than curtains and can continue looking like new even several years after installation.

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