Every home depends on efficient drainage and pipes to ensure water is drained correctly from the building. That obviously won’t happen if there is a problem, such as a blocked drain or the pipe being damaged, and you may find yourself with wastewater in your house or garden, which may be very unpleasant.

Here, we review the most frequent causes of drain issues and suggestions on how to prevent or resolve them.

1. Disposing of inappropriate items in sinks and toilets

Putting stuff down the drains that you shouldn’t be is one of the most frequent reasons for blocked drains in Ashfield. Wipes and fats are the main offenders. Even purportedly flushable wipes shouldn’t be put in the toilet. Fats can pose significant issues due to the way they congeal in drains. The “fatberg,” a mass of fat and wipes the size of a double-decker bus, Nappies, live goldfish, and even areas where cannabis plants were flourishing, were among the other things that are the reason for the blocked drains in Ashfield.

What you can do: This one is pretty simple; ensure you only flush toilet paper. & safely dispose of food waste and lipids through your household garbage.

2. Outside objects clogging drains

From the outside, drains can also become blocked. People occasionally pour stuff down drains that they shouldn’t, including paint, such as leaves, stones, and garbage. Blocked drains in Ashfield may eventually result from these.

What you can do: To prevent debris from being blown into drains, consider placing drain covers over grates (and make it more difficult for anyone to pour something down there willingly).

3. Tree Roots 

blocked drains AshfieldEven though they may have been minor or nonexistent when the pipes were first placed, tree roots can be fairly extensive underground and may now be interfering with your drainage pipes to the point where they are damaged. They can cause pipes to crack, cause leaks, or even start growing inside the pipes, obstructing water flow.

What you can do: Roots may produce problems below the ground if you see them generating other issues, such as crumbling paths or growing up through the ground. Calling a specialist to check them can be worthwhile if you start to detect potential indicators of blocked drains in Ashfield.

4. structural issues with pipes

The pipes themselves ageing might result in blocked drains and leaks. Fibreglass pipes can become “squashed,” which reduces their size and prevents water flow. Terracotta pipes can crack and experience displacement. Underground pipes may be compromised by subsidence.

What you can do: Once more, since everything is underground, it’s hard to tell if there’s a problem unless you have one. The only method to determine whether there is an issue is by a professional.


Frequently, there will be warning signs of a blocked drain in Ashfield before it escalates into a severe problem, such as a sewage leak in the home or garden. This includes issues like improper water drainage or unpleasant odours from sinks and toilets. 

Even small amounts of water that may be discoloured or smell bad may seep into low-lying areas of the house like the cellar.

You should speak to a professional if you think there may be a clog in your drain.