There are various types of trailer boxes but most of the people aren’t able to differentiate between them and end up stressing that all are just the same. However, that’s not the case as the heavy-duty box trailer and tandem trailer are two different types of trailers which are used for differing purposes. Although the two types of trailers have a few similarities, their weight carrying capacities differ. If you plan to buy a trailer box, you need to make the decision wisely before investing in it. This will be helpful to you in the long run. 

Tandem box trailers 

Tandem box trailers are considered to be the ultimate heavy-duty trailers that can carry weights up to 2000 kilograms aggregate of the total mass. Eventually, it means that they are quite expensive as compared to the other types of trailers. The axles in these types of trailers distribute the weight between the two axles. Because of this reason, these trailers are commonly known. The axles bear a mechanical braking system. This braking system helps to reduce any kind of pressure on the trailer. It provides you access to an easy halt anytime you want.  

These trailers bear rails that are similar to that of the galvanic finishing trailers as well as the heavy-duty trailers. While buying tandem trailers in Sydney, you must make a note of the size you are selecting amongst the various sizes as it must perform the activity it is intended to. Paying for something that won’t be of any help at the right time is quite frustrating and tiring. So, you need to be precise and careful while selecting the right trailer for yourself. The tandem box trailers have been designed for transporting heavy loads. 

Tandem box trailers

Heavy-duty box trailers 

These types of trailers have been specially designed and manufactured to perform tough jobs. They provide you with long-lasting services as they don’t wear off easily. These trailers fan handle an aggregate total mass of up to 1400 kilograms. They can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes; hence providing an added boon to the one purchasing them. Heavy-duty trailers have great features like galvanic finishing. They bear heavy-duty rails as well as LED lights to guide you in the dark and difficult to access areas. 

A heavy-duty box trailer has extra-long side steps that give you the appropriate time for an easy climbing onto the trailer. The floor of this type of trailer is made up of the checker plate. It bears every heavy-duty feature. The heavy-duty box trailers are available in the market in varying sizes, but they are most commonly built and available at 7*5 and 8*5 sizes. If your job demands to carry or transport heavy things then the heavy-duty box trailers are the most ideal option for you taking into consideration the weight that they can carry as well as the weight of the goods/things that you are transporting. 

Heavy duty box trailers

The Bottom Line 

The tandem trailers and the heavy-duty box trailers are different from each other in their own ways, but people assume them to be just the same. So, make a note of all the similarities and differences between them so that you make a wise decision.