When you have a home extension, it can make your home even bigger and more spacious. The floor, ceiling and walls will all be added on to the existing structure of the house. This means that home extensions can add a lot of extra space in your home but also make it feel more open and airy. Home extensions are the perfect way to add value to your home and make it more comfortable. All you have to do is find the right people for home extensions near Epping.

Home extensions can be added in a number of ways, including:

  • New rooms or extensions built on the existing house. This is often done to create extra space for an older person or for a couple who has outgrown their current home.
  • Extensions that are built onto an existing property. This means that you have more space to live in, but you don’t need to worry about moving out of your home when you sell it down the line.
  • A new house that has been built on the same plot of land as your existing house, with an extension built at the back of it. If this sounds complicated, don’t worry, we’ll show you the areas you can work for the home extensions.


The floor is the bottom surface of a room. It can also be referred to as a lower horizontal surface or simply as a “floor.” The floor is the lower horizontal surface of a room that is supported by walls and pillars. There can be extensions done to the floor to make it wider.


The ceiling height of your extension is a crucial factor for its design. The room will feel cramped and stuffy if you have a low ceiling. But if your extension has an extremely high ceiling, it can be difficult to find enough space for your furniture and belongings. When planning out the layout of your additional rooms, you must consider how much clearance space they will need from their neighbours’ ceilings.


A wall is a physical barrier that separates two spaces. In the building world, walls are often used to divide one space from another and define where one area ends and another begins. Examples include:

  • Walls separate your bedroom from your living room or kitchen.
  • Walls dividing one floor in an apartment building from another floor on the same level
  • A wall between your house and its backyard


Windows are a great way to make your house look bigger, and they also let in light and make the space feel more open. Windows can be installed on the inside or outside of your home, and they’re especially popular as an addition to large-scale homes that have lots of windows already. Windows are one of the easiest ways to add value to any property; they’re not just for show!

How to make a house bigger

  • Add a room to the house.
  • Add a bathroom to the house.
  • Add a kitchen to the house.
  • Add an extra garage or carport for more parking spots and storage space if you have one already built into your property.

These are some ways to help get the house bigger and get a better resale value.