best bunk caravan for sale

When you want to buy a caravan you have to know something about it, because if you know about the caravan you can buy the best and the right one for you. It is important to know about the difference between the on-road and the off-road caravans when you plan to purchase a caravan. When you are coming across the difference you will see its design and modification as well. This will help you in handling the rigours of desert tracks, bush and the unsealed roads. When you choose to go with the off-road caravans then it should have the essential modifications that could suit the intended use. Some of the modifications are increased ground clearance, galvanized the chassis, off-road tires or suspension and stronger caravan body.

Types of off-road caravans

When it is the type of off-road caravans, it has two types. One is the full height caravans and the other is the pop-top caravans. Read on more to know in detail about the types of caravans.

Full height caravans

The full height off-road caravans are similar to that of the on-road caravans. Many features of the on-road caravans are altered and have been made comfortable in the full height off-road caravans. When comparing these full height off-road caravans might consist of larger and additional water tanks and also you can see the strong construction of the cabinets, stud pattern and wheel size, a stone guard for protecting tow vehicle and van from rocks, checker plate for protecting vans bottom portion, twelve-volt electrical system, etc. When it comes to the benefits of the off-road caravans, it is that one where you can live in relative luxury while exploring nature and out of the way spots. The amount of available storage in the off rod caravans is very huge. You can see these caravans even in the bunk caravan for sale.

Pop-top caravans

The pop-top caravan is also identical to that of the full height caravan in every aspect. The difference comes only in the storage capacity or in the travelling mode. The height of the roof is four hundred millimetres lower. With this set up the top portion of the caravan can be popped out and this task is quite simple and quick.

Like other caravans in the bunk caravan for sale, the roof of this caravan is hard and the side portions of this pop-top caravan are made with canvas or vinyl. They are made with fly screened, zippered large windows on all sides. This gives nice ventilation.

The overall height of this van also provides some benefits. In this, a large amount of fuel is saved and the centre of gravity of this van is comparatively lower. This can also fit easily in a garage or shed. This is also much cheaper when compared to that of other caravans.

Advantages of off-road caravans

Here are a few advantages of off-road caravans.


With this van you could easily get to the places that are hard to access and also the crowds can be escaped with the help of these vans. You will feel comfortable even when you travel in an outback track or dirty track.

Cheaper to camp

 When you use these caravans a large amount of money is saved. With this, you can stay in a larger range of free camps.

You can even go with many customized options that are available for the off-road caravans. Make sure you know all these before and then invest in caravans.