Whether you are a small business or a larger conglomerate, occupational health services can be of massive help. There has been a general acceptance that people should be able to work without the fear of sustaining any illness through their workplace conditions. Research has shown that the safer the work environment, the more will be the productivity of the employees.

The occupational health services provided by employers address the health protection, health promotion, and health care needs of those working under them. These services have been acknowledged as an important component of the public healthcare system.

It is very important for any firm or organization to provide its employees with proper occupational health services if they want to ensure maximum employee satisfaction. These services are of vital importance for those employers who want to protect their employees from accidents and failures at the workplace. If employers want to improve the productivity of their company and increase their profits, then they should provide their employees with this kind of service.

Why are occupational health services important?

  • They can make a significant contribution to the essential government initiatives such as improving social cohesion, increasing health equality, and reducing absence due to sickness.
  • They increase the productivity of the employees and thereby increase profitability for the company itself.
  • Occupational medical services provide comprehensive healthcare and work to ensure the good health of employees. The Medical Review Officer (MRO) reviews and provides appropriate suggestions. Moreover, employers are informed about the employee’s health condition and work status.
  • Unlike hospital ERs where you might have to wait for hours, such healthcare services are also available at walk-in healthcare facilities.
  • Trained and highly qualified medical professionals are hired for these services.

What do occupational medical services cover?

Occupational medical services provide assistance for a range of medical illnesses. Given below are a few key areas of healthcare that the occupational health services cover:

  • Fit for Duty Examinations: These examinations determine whether the employee is psychologically and physically fit to perform their current role in the workplace.
  • Respiratory fitness medical examination.
  • Audiometry: This test is performed to determine how well an employee can hear. This test may be conducted as a part of a routine medical check-up or separately.
  • On-site X-rays and on-site drug testing.
  • Employment Examinations: These are physical examinations to determine the suitability of an employee for a particular job, especially in cases of physically demanding jobs. There are other types of employment examinations like aptitude or personality tests.

With the help of occupational health services, both the employees and the employers are satisfied and the work productivity sees massive growth. It is important to realize that these medical health services are not an extra cost incurred. These services help in the development of the firm and are thus economically viable. The advantages of these medical care services outweigh whatever cost the employer incurs on them.