Ayurveda and home remedies are key aspects of wellness in India. As a popular ingredient in home remedies, Turmeric is a popular herb with an extensive history of usage in the traditional Indian medicine system. Whether it be healing a wound, curing a fever, an infection, or using it in home remedies for sore throat, turmeric has been there since ancient times.  

Scientific analysis of turmeric revealed that many of the incredible health benefits offered by the yellow spice are courtesy of curcumin which is a pigment that constitutes nearly 2 to 8% of various turmeric preparations and is also the element that gives it the yellow colour. 

In the past, it was discovered that curcumin is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance which is even more effective than ibuprofen and aspirin which are commonly consumed as painkillers. Not only that, but curcumin also has the ability to treat various joint inflammation as osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Other health benefits of curcumin include its ability to protect the heart from various cardiovascular diseases by improving the health of the thin membrane which covers the internal part of the heart and various blood vessels. It is responsible for maintaining blood pressure but if this membrane deteriorates then there is a greater risk of heart diseases. Research is on about the role curcumin can potentially play in the prevention of various cancer types such as prostate, breast, and gastric cancer. The wonderful polyphenol is also known to perform better in reducing blood sugar levels compared to turmeric.

All these and many other health benefits of curcumin especially as a medicine for pain in the throat make it a highly desirable medicinal ingredient. However, the problem with curcumin is that it has a very poor rate of absorption in the body and most of it is removed by the body through the process of digestion. 

That’s why if we wish to use curcumin as a remedy for sore throat, it becomes crucial to use it in a formulation that mixes other substances such as piperine (obtained from black pepper), etc which help in increasing its absorption by the body by as much as 2000%. It is only these curcumin based supplements which can prove to be effective in offering instant sore throat relief or as ayurvedic medicine for sore throat.  

There are plenty of such formulations available in the market and if you wish to buy highly effective throat pain remedies then you can click here to order them online. Alternatively, you can always visit a pharmacy and are likely to find some really good curcumin based throat pain remedies there.