hebel external wall cladding

One of the key components of a home’s design is its exterior or elevation in architectural parlance. It is always designed to exude a trendy vibe, but more than just looks, it must be strong and tough enough to offer adequate protection from the weather.

  • The façade of your home’s exterior is made up of several materials, which affects how durable it will be over time.
  • CSR Hebel, the top producer of building supplies in Australia, steps in to help with that. The company is well-known for its wall panels and blocks, which are popular lightweight building materials. Due to their ease of installation, eco-friendliness, and weather resistance, Hebel external wall cladding are ideal for use in the construction of outside walls in residential buildings. Now, let’s examine.


Traditional masonry has the drawbacks of being very expensive and time-consuming to build, as well as having too many potential unintended site setbacks. However, Hebel walls—particularly the PowerPanelXL—allow you to bypass the majority of these obstacles very quickly.

  • You can rest easy knowing that each Hebel PowerPanelXL is strengthened with steel and is 75mm thick if you’re wondering what material these panels are made of. With layers of steel and an anti-corrosion layer, each one is as durable as they come. 
  • These panels are readily fastened to the exterior of your home and are attached vertically to prefabricated wall frames and perforated Top Hat sections (also patented by Hebel).


This specific Hebel wall panel was created with residential and low-rise multi-residential applications in mind. The key, once more, is to produce results that are swift, effective, and time-saving while also giving your structures a fashionable outside.

  • Hebel’s PowelPanel50 installation performs admirably on each of these counts. You can select and alter it based on the requirements, locations, and unique requirements of your residential exterior because it comes in a variety of thicknesses.
  •  For instance, the PowerPanel50 utilised for low-rise building exteriors would differ from the one used for straightforward home exteriors in terms of characteristics. For your information, these panels have the same thickness, or 50mm, and come in lengths of 2400mm, 2550mm, 2700mm, 2850mm, and 3000mm.


The two Hebel installations before it were about outside panelling, whereas PowerBlock+ is more of a substitute for building. It can be utilised in place of double-brick exterior and internal walls. It is strong enough to support loads (for up to three storeys) and may be moulded to fit your aesthetic preferences.

  • PowerBlock+ is an excellent material choice for residential construction due to its extreme flexibility and practical adaptability. Cooler interiors in the summer and cosier places in the winter are guaranteed by their incredible thermal performance. This material’s exceptional acoustic qualities significantly lessen the effect of noise pollution in your environment.

Advantages Of Hebel External Wall Cladding

It provides wonderful interior decoration for your home. You could be thinking about ways to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home.

  • What about installing Hebel external wall cladding with our help? It will ensure that your decoration goals for you are met while also adding a superb layer of protection to your outside. You will ensure that many goals are accomplished with these layers if you choose our incredibly specialised services.
  • It won’t take long for you to notice the change once we’ve finished putting the external wall cladding layers into your home. Your walls will be more resistant to breaking as a result. As you are aware, Sydney’s temperatures can occasionally soar.
  •  The likelihood of cracks appearing on your walls will also increase as a result of the temperature rise. Only as long as you use our services and put FC cladding on your house. It will also offer excellent sun resistance. Consequently, the building’s interior temperature will remain relatively low. 
  • There are several reasons why you should use our services, but one more is that it can reduce water absorption on your walls.