plantation shutters Strathfield

Plantation shutters in Strathfield are ideal for open-plan living areas, living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms. In addition to being beautiful, plantation shutters can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

If you are new to plantation shutters, you have come to the right place. We’ll explain why you should adore them and give styling suggestions for your plantation shutters.

Here are a few amazing styles to get you started:
1. Simple, breezy design that works in any setting:

Plantation shutters in Strathfield are an excellent choice for your homes. Their tropical design is appropriate for the outdoor lifestyle, and it adds a strong architectural appeal to both the inside and outside of the property.

Plantation shutters provide the most versatility, allowing you to manage the amount of light, air, and heat entering your room as well as the level of seclusion you require.

These shutters let air and light flow through your home when the blades are open, which is ideal for those glorious summer days! You can even collect pleasant breezes at night while maintaining privacy by tilting the blades to the desired degree.

2. Combine shutters with drapes or curtains:

The plantation shutters are incredibly adaptable and work well with different window treatments. Remember that you are not confined to using only one type of window treatment on your windows!

Plantation shutters do not totally eliminate light. If you want to put them in your bedroom windows, you’ll also need blackout curtains. Ceiling-mounted blackout curtains complement plantation shutters by giving easy access to windows while also darkening the room at night.

3. Enhance the room’s size:

One of the nicest aspects of plantation shutters is that they make your room feel both cosy and large. Plantation shutters in brilliant white ensure that light enters and bounces around the space while still giving privacy. 

You may find that you don’t require as much overhead lighting once you’ve installed plantation shutters. Shuttered rooms appear larger when lighting is used in them. A large sense of space is important, especially if you spend more time indoors in smaller homes and apartments!

4. In terms of panel design, less is more:

Custom-made plantation shutters in Strathfield allow you to choose the exact configuration that will complement your windows. If you’re unsure, always go with the least complicated design!

Consider how the shutters will appear from both inside and outside your property when choosing your panel configuration. A simple panel plan will create the most aesthetically beautiful outside, allowing you to get the full style benefits!

5. Install shutters on all of the room’s windows:

Any room in the house would benefit from plantation shutters in Strathfield, but living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are particularly suitable.

A room’s continuity and design flow are ensured by installing shutters on every window. Each room with shutters will look stunning and feel finished, coherent, and full of personality.

When you tilt plantation shutters to let light in, they’ll still keep your pets from seeing passersby and disturbing the peace. This makes them a wise choice for pet owners. Or even better, incorporate a split tilt into your shutter design so you may have the top open and the bottom closed.