The Paris Climate Accord has more than 185 signatory countries and it is very likely that your country is one of the signatories. If you are proud of your country being a signatory and have often wondered the way in which you could contribute to the efforts of your Government, we bring you the answer.

Making your home energy efficient is the simplest way that you could help reduce global warming. But this throws up a larger question – how do you make your home energy efficient? Well, we are sure that you would have only 5-star power rated products in your homes. That’s a good step. But, are your window furnishings energy efficient?

Thankfully, modern technology allows window furnishings to be energy efficient. While most people think of window blinds only as a means to protect your home from the sunlight, there are only a few who know that modern window blinds also help make your home energy efficient. These window blinds are known as Cellular Shades or Cellular Window Blinds. The basic structure of the cellular shades is a cell – for example, a honeycomb cell. This unique cellular structure traps the air inside thereby acting as an insulating layer.

Windows usually make up one-third of a home’s thermal loss. By acting as an insulating layer, cellular shades help minimize the heat loss during winters, and in summers keep away the undesired entry of heat. When the air inside the room comes in contact with the windows, it is thus cooled or warmed. This helps reduce electricity consumption and thus makes your home greener!

Features of cellular shades:

  • Cellular shades can be constructed as a single cell, double cell or triple cell shades
  • They are made of soft paper or cloth-like material
  • They offer excellent light filtration qualities

If by reading this article, you have decided to make your window coverings energy-efficient, it’s a great call and we are happy that we could play our role in making the earth greener!